Why Uber is Still Struggling to Become a Perfect On-Demand Taxi App?

Uber taxi app

This content is for taxi-businesses, who have on-demand taxi app or want to have one. They will know how Uber being successful is still improving its driving app to enhance the driver experience.

An on-demand taxi giant “Uber” is still struggling to make its driver application more friendly so that it can enhance the driver experience. Recently, Uber has made some changes to its driver application as a part of its “180 Days of Change” campaign.

In the month of June, Uber introduced the 180-days effort with its decision to finally add tipping to its application. While in the first series of changes, Uber designed to improve the driver experience and reduce turnover among that important user group.

Now, the company is adding some new features for its drivers, including trip type preferences, more driver destinations, and long trip notifications. The company is already experiencing positive results from its 180-days program changes, including rapid uptake of its tipping option on the rider side.

Recently, Uber announced that it will focus on its assets (drivers) & is planning to release a new version of its driver’s app. The new app will have an earning tracker feature which will allow drivers to see how much they have earned since coming online with the number of trips completed & the no. of requests that are pending. Currently, there are over 3 million Uber drivers spending more than 8 million hours each day by logging into Uber app.

The new app version will be rolled out soon & let drivers make their profile for their passengers to view. The app will also provide a quick access to “quests,” “badges” & other sections of the drivers app. Apart from these features, the new version will also help to solve problems related to network connectivity.

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Earlier, drivers could set only two destinations a day, allowed to make a trip only in a preferred area that is supposed to make commuting to and from home more convenient. Now, the company has increased the limit to six destinations. When it comes to talking about trip preferences, it means drivers can switch to make deliveries for UberEats, a company’s food delivery service, when the car riding requests are slow using Uber driver app.

In addition to this, by getting a notification that if a trip is going to take 45 minutes or longer, drivers would be better informed to make a decision that whether they want to turn down the trip request or not. Most importantly, Uber has made declining a trip less impactful to a driver’s account standing.

What’s More in “180 Days of Change”? See this video

All the new changes and updates are mainly focusing on adding more flexibility to the experience. If you are not familiar with the driver experience, it might sound secretive to you; however, they are quite upfront and each highlights freedom in how drivers are managing their entire day.

Still, the company is only around 60 days into its planned 180 days of change program, but these seem like big updates in terms of how the driver-side experience works. With all these new changes and updates, we can say that despite being a successful on-demand taxi company, Uber is still working hard and improving its services for drivers as well as riders. The company is adding many more features in the application to make it more user-friendly.

What Should Other On-demand Taxi Solutions Learn from Uber?

It doesn’t matter, from how much time you are in the market and how successful your company is, there is always a huge space for improvement. Like Uber, other ride-sharing apps can also improve their taxi application, giving drivers and riders a more user-friendly experience.

To compete with Uber and other successful on-demand uber taxi apps such as Lyft, Didi, etc. you can update your own on-demand taxi application with requisite features by discussing it with professional taxi app developers.

Space-O Technologies’ Recommendations

  • There is always a room for improvement. No matter how user-friendly and attractive your own on-demand taxi application is, you can still improve your app and update it with latest features to give users a satisfying experience.
  • You can start with a small update, but keep updating it on regular basis as per your users’ reviews. You can ask them about their experience and features that they wish to see in your app and include them.
  • Establish a trust factor between you and your app users because it is important for the success of your app. You can create trust by welcoming users’ ratings and reviews, screening drivers and offering customer support.

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