How to Use Android’s New Voice Feature and Develop an Amazing app like Viber and WhatsApp?

How to use Android's New Voice Feature and Develop an Amazing app like Viber and WhatsApp? Spaceo

Have you tried Google Voice? Google Voice has been out for years, but most of the people in the US still haven’t known it a try. Google Voice offers many features that you can’t get elsewhere, and almost all of them are free.

However, those people, who haven’t tried Google Voice I can understand why? Sound a little confusing. Right?

There are a lot of interesting Google Voice features that you don’t know yet. From setting up the conference call to record calls. Wherever you are residing, you should sign up and try it out to enjoy below listed features.

[ Visit and follow the instructions. I guess you already have some sort of Google account like, say, Gmail.

You Can Use it to Make and Receive Calls

Google Voice is a voice-over-IP calling service, offering service to users of making unlimited local and long-distance calls for free.

Calling from Google Voice seems to come from a random shared number that won’t be recognized by recipients. If you are switching to Google Voice and calling from Gmail, it appears to come from your own personal google Voice number.

The best thing, you can receive incoming calls in Gmail and answer them from your laptop or computer. Now, Google Voice integration is the part of Google Hangouts, so it also integrated into Google+ and the Hangouts Chrome extensions.


Text from Any Browser or Phone

Free texting service is also offered by Google Voice. Users can send and receive texts in your browser via the Google Voice Chrome extension from the Google Voice website. The official Google Voice mobile application also deliver free texts, so users can text for free from their phone without any unofficial apps.

This provides you a texts’ archive that you can search online. Moreover, you won’t lose your texts when you reset your phone or get a new one.


Voicemail with Transcription

Voicemail is provided by Google Voice, however, it doesn’t limit to a piece of audio to listen to. Google’s advanced speech recognition technology is used by Google Voice to transcribe your voicemail that turns it into readable text.

Google’s Feature is Not Restricted to Making or Receiving Calls, Texting from Browser, Voicemail, But It’s New Feature Can Do Voice-to-text

Google launched an update to Android Wear that brings a lot of new features to the smartwatch platform.

Android Wear’s ability is to use the speaker that inside some of the latest watches. Those people, who have a Huawei Watch or an ASUS ZenWatch 2, can now able to go full Dick Tracy and make or take a call from their watches.

Users can able to listen to audio and video messages from a different application that already support this feature like Glide.    

With this update, you come to know about a couple of new wrist gestures. In order to expand a card, you can hold your arm in front of you and then push down quickly. See image for more understanding.

In order to go back, just hold out your arm and swivel up. If you want to turn to the watch face, you just have to shake the wrist out and in a few times.  After having this update, it is easier for users to message from the application like Viber, Whatsapp, Hangouts, and Telegram with a single voice command.

OK Google, Send a WhatsApp message to Mom: Need money for the stuff I just broke in the porcelain store.

Generally, none of these features are massive updates, however, the new voice commands should make by using the platform easier – especially the wrist gestures. Moreover, it is not sure yet, but it probably depends on the personal preference.

Here, the interesting thing is this update is rolled out to all Android Wear watches, no matter, it has speakers or not and first-gen devices.

We have ‘Tap Help’ application for wearable technology that can be integrated with Android’s New Voice Feature.

Tap Help is one of the best personal safety applications, allowing to call 911 and alerting your emergency contacts in just one tap.  It just takes three quick taps to contact. Tap Help can be paired with your Apple Watch to quickly be prepared for whatever comes your way.

How does it work?

  •         Install an application and add your emergency contacts. It may your family members or friends.  
  •         Click on Tap Help icon once and the 5 seconds countdown will automatically start.
  •         In case, you didn’t stop countdown before reaching 0, your emergency contacts will get an SMS alert. They will also be given a link of your current location through a map.  
  •         Tap Help will update your current map location continuous for the next 20 minutes or until the app is stopped.
  •         In case, you need a help of 911 services, just click one button available on the countdown screen.

As this new feature of Android Wear is capable for communication, we can leave our phone in our pocket and can take calls, search places through maps and contact easily. We are also integrating such type of feature in our already developed apps like Tap Help and can also develop apps with Voice feature to compatible with wearables.

We Can Develop an Amazing app like Viber and WhatsApp Integrated with New Android’s Voice Feature

Instant messaging and voice calling is quite popular these days and thus, everyone is enjoying an advanced Viber and Uber Clone for iOS and Android from us. Contact us, if you want to surprise your customer with the latest feature like Android’s Voice feature.

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