How to Source Funding For Your Mobile App Development Project?


Mobile app development is a great opportunity today though capitalizing it requires some capital. Out in the world, there is abundance of brilliant mobile app ideas and fascinating concepts but a huge lack of funding. Another setback is the risk of return on investment to be put into the development and promotion of the mobile app that everyone is not prepared to opt for.

 Nevertheless there are ways of obtaining funds for your mobile app development projects, which are as follows:

  1. Partnerships: It may occur to you very unlikely unless you know that there are only handful of mobile app development companies like ours, who can partner and work with you with either partial or no initial financial investments to be made by you. Of course the equity has to be shared with the partner but then risk is reduced and you will not have to worry about your stakes alone.
  2. Crowd-Sourced Fundraising: This is one of the great ways to collect funding for your mobile app development projects. It involves publishing your idea on website like in a way to attract required funding from general mass of audience. You can offer a free copy of your mobile app as a thankful return because backers who will be supporting your project to bring to life and not to profit financially.You should take an account of the fact that your concept will be released before a huge web audience and that there is no way to ensure non-disclosure.
  3. Sponsors: Although not many but you can still find a few organizations who would be willing to invest or sponsor your mobile app development project in exchange of ad or exposure they may seek for their brand, from your app. Such a requirement can be fulfilled in numerous ways without hijacking or disturbing the mobile app user experience.
  4. Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors: In order to acquire funding through this way, you will have to elaborate your mobile app concept. You should also be prepared for multiple denials and refusals initially no matter how profitable and persuasive you believe your idea is. The key to win the interest of venture capitalists and angel investors lies in demonstrating a clear roadmap and marketability of your mobile app.
  5. Grants: There are many sources to get grants for your mobile app development projects. Some of these include government, local authorities, business links and others. However your idea must first comply with the eligibility criterion and compete with other number of tenders.

Best Luck with your mobile app development projects and fund raising.


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