How to Lower Your Mobile App Development Costs?


There’s a high likeliness that you may end up paying more than you should be if you don’t plan and proceed in a systematic way. It is of great significance to have a blueprint of your mobile app development project that helps to control and in fact lower your costs.

See how it happens:

    1. Focus on Essentials: Your mobile app must offer something essential and not necessarily everything. Now the key is to focus on specific offering through your app. If you will create a feature-rich overcrowded app, it will create chaos and confusion for users. Further adding extra features will cost you extra time and money that may not yield you a return that you may expect out of your app.


    1. Check the Development Process along with Quotes: Wireframes and Mobile app mock-ups provide a pre-visualization of mobile app to be created. However not every mobile app development company compulsorily offers wire frame, mobile app mock-up and prototype along with development and in some cases clients have an option of whether or not to acquire such services along with development.
      Key: Unless the app is very small and simple, you should not omit or exclude such services. However it is advisable to work with a company that offers both mock-up and development, cuz that way you will not have to run two different providers and you can save on time as well as money.


    1. Have a Detailed Plan: A lot of people have the idea of app but not the detailed plan that may cost them more than supposed amount. Think about this, if you have planned everything in detail, i.e. tentative timeline, estimated cost for tasks like graphics, coding, testing, etc. you’ll just have to ensure its execution helping you save time, effort and financial investment. Further you don’t get overcharged as you already did your research and homework, at least that’s what developers think about you when you approach them with such detailed plan.


    1. Avoid too many custom graphics or processes: Although mobile apps are different but they do have something common about them, i.e. their navigation style, buttons, etc. More significantly mobile app users expect apps to work in certain ways and so does the App Stores. For example, Apple also has some Human Interface Guidelines that must be kept and complied by all iOS apps in order to get approved and launched on the iTunes (Apple App Store). Now custom graphics may cost you more than money. This doesn’t mean you should not get customization’s at all but do limit them up to the need or necessity.


    1. Provide References: Its always easy for everyone to work with references as that simplifies the job. Same is truth with developers and designers who can easily replicate from references along with blending their creativity if required. And when the job is easy, it takes less time and money to get done. So you can again save your money and your mobile app developers’ or designers’ time and effort.


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