How to Integrate Deep Linking in Mobile App? Understanding, Process, and Example

Deep links take users directly to definite content (or relevant page). Deep linking is one of the best methodologies to launch a native mobile application through a link. It connects a unique URL to the definite action in a mobile app by linking users to the related content.

Use mobile deep linking as an acquisition and retention channel

Different types of an app like Travel, Music, News, Shopping, and Hotel Booking have to send specific products, promos or offer to the users. Deep linking can have great effect on conversion rates and ultimately, profit.

Having enabled deep linking helps users to navigate directly to a definite hotel booking page. Last year, deep linking ad format is announced by Facebook for users to respond to familiar apps from an advertisement in their feeds.

This year, Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform, Instagram is shutting down ‘add me’ deep linking for other social media services within its applications.

Earlier, Instagram users were able to include ‘add me’/follow me’ links in the web section to add any other profiles they had on third party social services’ apps. Now, if you attempt to try these links to a Snapchat or Telegram profile, you will get below message.

edit profile

We at Space-O have added deep linking to our recent social networking applications. We have developed an app (HIYA) using a deep link. These links allow users to send a friend request, sounds and so on. To send a sound request, just click on ‘More Sounds’ to generate URL and choose to send option. Here, I have chosen email option to send music to my friends.

different email options to send music

If a user doesn’t have the app installed then he/she is sent to the App store and, upon open an application after the installation, is directly taken to deep-linked page or screen eliminating the additional search for the requested content.

just hiya

Tuloko is another messaging application in which we have used this deep linking. For example – If you want to send restaurant link to your friend, you have to click on ‘share option’ and method of sharing. This will generate a link that you can send to your friends so that they see the details of the restaurant.

Business Details

Apart from messaging application, you can also add deep linking to the fitness application. Deep linking works for both pre-installed and new users. Deep linking is also used for a re-engagement mechanism that brings a user back inside the app, it has huge potential to increase conversion and ROI.

Want to set up deep linking with Xcode? Here are the Steps

1) In Xcode, open your info.plist file and add ‘URL types’ key, if it is not added.

2) Set URL schema ‘’ just show in screen shot

3) Now, build and launch your app to test, if it has been setup perfectly. After that, type your URL schema in safari as shown in screenshot and tap on return.

4) If that ask you alert then it’s working

Download demo for deep linking here.

Hire iPhone app developer to Add Deep Links in Your App

We have experienced iPhone app developer, who have recently gained knowledge of Swift development. Our iPhone-cum-Swift developers have recently created an app in Swift, named TunerMoji. Let’s have your next app in Swift.

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