How-To Guide Helps The Submission Of An iPhone App

Before the final release of your paid iPhone app to the Apple Store, you’ll have to go through many stages such as: agreement to all of the paid iPhone app contracts, authentic Information related to your tax, bank routs and so on. This procedure may take several weeks to get approval by the Apple. Therefore, it is always recommended you should fill out all the formalities before you start work on any new app. Here are the four phases that every app owner or iPhone app programmer has to go through before the release of any new app.

Warm up Phase:

  1. Start out by completing the homework of coding: as well as testing phase on your application in a best manner.
  2. Next, renew the Appname-info.plist file in your app. It can be done through changing the bundle identifier; changing “Bundle display name”, setting bundle version, and creating icon file.
  3. Assemble your screenshot images: you should collect total five screenshot images with correct size. For iPhone screenshots, right size is 640 x 960 while it is 1024 x 768 for iPad screenshots.
  4. Do some homework for your iTunes artwork: The correct artwork supports 512 x 512 pixels 72dpi JPEG. Apple sometimes, rejects apps if it finds two images contradictory to each other. Make it sure that iTunes artwork should have resemblance with your icon artwork.
  5. Choose a unique numeric SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for your application: Remember, you do not leave it blank. Select a unique and different number every time for your new applications and you are completely free in keeping its length. For example, if you use YYMM, it will be 0308.
  6. Description writing: Description for your app should be easy-to-follow and it should be worded what it actually worth. There isn’t any word’s limit set for the content, but according to the app upload page, it should be around 700 characters or less.
  7. Proceed with building the app: for distribution.

When you’ve done above mentioned homework, you are ready to move on next phase.

iTunes Connect Phase: 

In iTunes Connect, You’ll have to follow the following simple steps:

1. Log into

2. Log into iTunes Connect as its link will appear on the screen.

3. Click on “Manage Your Application”.

4. Next, click on “Add New Application”.

5. Fill in all the required details such as app name, version number, support e-mail address, application URL, support URL, copyright info, description, and SKU.

6. Set the Company Name. Your company name will show all your apps. If you’re novice and uploading your app for the first time, give time to it because once you set your company name, you can’t change it later easily. For this, you’ll have to call Apple through its hot line.

  • Never forget to upload iTunes artwork and screenshot as well.
  • Rate your app honestly. Apple asks this to know whether it has any offensive stuff.

7. Choose the appropriate price tier. Once you select a price tier, you’ll have more chances to change it. Sometimes, the page doesn’t show the pricing tier. Don’t get confused! You just choose any price and refresh it.

8. Decide about the release date of your app. To keep current date to default is fine, because it’ll let you set the date in future. This is not that difficult when it comes to resetting the release date to the approval date. You’ll have to log back into iTunes Connect and change the release date accordingly. This is the most desirable time to show up your app at top among the newly released applications. If you don’t reset the release date at the time of app approval, your app will get lost.

9. Final step of iTunes Connect phase! Find application details page; click on “Ready to Upload Binary” button.

Submission Phase:

Once you’ve finished your homework and setting up info on your new app, next step is the posting of your application to Apple for approval. You’ll have to follow the following simple task:

  • Start with the Archived list in the Organizer.
  • Next, validate your app by clicking on its tab. It will take some time and if everything goes fine, it will change into “Passed Validation”.
  • Finally, you’ll have to click on “Submit” button. As upload completes successfully, status will automatically change to “Submitted”.

At successful submission, waiting for review will replace the status of your application in iTunes Connect automatically. It may take a week or more to process. During the approval period, you may start work on your app’s web page.

Final Phase: What To Do After Approval?

As your app is accepted, you’ll receive an email of approval. Final step! Go to iTunes Connect; change your app’s availability date. It will show your app among top new releases by Apple.

Important Notes:

  • You are free to change the app related information after final approval by Apple.
  • Keywords and ratings of an app can be changed only when you upload a new binary.
  • You don’t need to go for second time approval if you desire for some changes in the description writing, uploading new and improved screenshot images, and even the price of your app.
  • You only need a re-approval from Apple when you want to send an update to your new application.

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