How to Get More Downloads and Make Your App Popular After Launch? 5 Quick Hacks


“I’m sitting at my desk and just checked the stats of my launched iPhone App. At the next moment, I have a wow feeling as my application has crossed 5 million downloads. I was pretty excited to hit that number as I know it will be.”

This is a story of our one of the client, who has a Square-sized app with more than 5 million downloads. We have developed many popular applications that have more downloads and interestingly, some of those applications got funded.

In this case, proper marketing is the key. There are hundreds of different things you can do with your marketing expertise. Let’s discuss those things that get more downloads and make an app more popular.   

“Approximately 2.52 billion mobile app downloads were done in 2009 and it is expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017. Interestingly, mobile apps providers amounted to 6.8 billion U.S. dollars earnings in 2010.”

Content Marketing

The most important content options like white paper, blogs, case-study, ebook, etc. helps to invite more audience for download. It should have a process of downloading and using application. It is the most effective strategy to generate a lot of downloads. Here, our Mobstar application has sharedthis article that includes everything related to an application.

Give 100% efforts to implement as many sharing capabilities as you can. Moreover, it would be great to create your app video and share it with the real people to connect them with your application. It also increases your video content’s virality. See below video for more idea.


Social Media

It is good to post one-way messages in the best forums. It is good to try your message into an active conversation and create it with a cool icon that displays with your posts.

One of our developed Mobstar application has a Facebook page to share news about an application or related to it. MobStar is now valued at $60 million after a successful Round A. It is available for Android and iOS devices.  

Additionally, Twitter is an excellent social media for connecting with the target audience. Must say, Twitter / Search should be your best friend. MobStar also has a Twitter page that they are updating with the latest news or posting users’ video.  

Press Release

Want to create more attention? Press release creates a lot of value, as you are telling the story about your application, i.e. how it works, audience, etc. Your press should be interesting and entertaining and also find a practical spot in people’s hearts and lives.

Boost reviews

Getting an app review, your application enjoys increases in the number of downloads. Ask your family members, friends, etc. for review, as social proof is important to get maximum exposure.  

App Review Sites

It would be great to pitch your application to app review websites to generate a lot of buzzes if you mention it in a review.  

More Downloads Don’t Require Too Much Money, It Needs Proper Development & Effective Marketing Efforts

Hopefully, above given 5 quick tips help your application to get more downloads. Lastly, it couldn’t be possible with a single technique. Some tips are hard to implement, however, with proper resources, it is possible to achieve a good result. MobStar and Square-sized app have done it, it’s your turn Now.


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