How to Become an iOS Developer? [Complete Guide for Beginners]

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, software developer jobs will grow 22% between 2019 and 2029. This is much higher than all other occupations.

software developers

This opportunity also opens doors for aspiring Apple iOS developers. But now the question arises, what skills and how to become an iOS developer. If you are juggling between such thoughts, then stop stressing over it because we have decided to write a complete guide for an aspiring iOS developer. Shall we continue?

Increasing Demand of iOS Developers

According to Statista, thousands of iOS applications get published on Apple App Store every month. In fact, in the year 2020, customers have spent $72.3 billion in the Apple App Store for in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps.

Increasing Demand of iOS Developers

Source: Statista

With this, the demand for iOS app developers is increasing every month and every single day. From developing a new iOS application to maintaining them and adding new features into an app, an iOS app developer has a great career opportunity in this field.

Even from a job security aspect, this career path is showing no signs of slowing down in the future. Instead, iOS developers are earning huge amounts of money. To confirm this, you can check the average iOS salary of iOS developers.

Average Salary of iOS Developers

Here, we have mentioned the average salary of USA-based iOS developers, considering Payscale, Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Please take a look at each data based on their average salary and salary profiles:

  1. Payscale

    • Average Salar: $89,444/year
    • Salary Profiles: 944


    Source: Payscale

  2. Glassdoor

    • Average Salary: $96,016/year
    • Salary Profiles: 3291


    Source: Glassdoor

  3. Indeed

    • Average Salary: $120,823/year
    • Salary Profiles: 1.2K


    Source: Indeed

  4. LinkedIn

    • Average Salary: $110,000/year
    • Salary Profiles: 666


    Source: LinkedIn

After discussing the average salary of iOS developers, check mentioned 6 steps for being an iOS developer. Proceed to all the steps one-by-one to reach your goal.

How to Become an iOS Developer?

Here are the 6 steps that you can consider to become an iOS developer. Let’s check all the steps and get closer to your dream of becoming an iOS developer.

  1. Learn the Basics

  2. Learn the Basics

    Please start with the basics to learn the fundamentals of Objective-C & Swift programming languages, as they are the primary programming languages to build iOS applications. Moreover, learn using the iOS application development tools, such as Xcode (integrated development environment).

  3. Understand iOS App Development Lifecycle

  4. Understand iOS App Development Lifecycle

    Being a beginner, you might not know about the development lifecycle. Therefore, it is recommended for you to be aware of the iOS app lifecycle, which will help you to understand the application’s behavior.

  5. Get the Required Training

  6. Get the Required Training

    In case you are stuck somewhere, get the required training to accomplish your goals. You can refer to these 12 best iOS app development courses. We have shared a detailed comparison, so you know which one perfectly suits your requirements.

  7. Start Developing iOS Apps

  8. Start Developing iOS Apps

    Once you get enough training, start developing iOS applications from scratch. You can start with simple apps that are easy to develop and then gradually focus on developing complex iOS applications.

  9. Upload App to GitHub

  10. Upload App to GitHub

    Uploading iOS applications to GitHub will showcase your work, and it will attract recruiters. Many recruiters look into the GitHub profiles to hire developers. If you have a GitHub profile and upload an app, this means you have a high chance of getting recruited.

  11. Publish App to the Apple App Store

  12. Publish App to the Apple App Store

    In case you wish to earn money out of your iOS app, then publish it to the App Store. As of January 2021, Apple has paid more than $200 billion to iOS app developers for selling goods and services through the Apple App Store. The next iOS app developer can be you.

    apple app store earnings

    Source: Statista

But what core skills do you need to develop an iOS app? Please check this in the next section.

Have a Project in Your Mind?

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Skills You Need to Become an iOS Developer

Here is the image representing almost all the essential skills you need for becoming an iOS developer.

Skills You Need to Become an iOS Developer

Let’s have an in-depth view of each skill set that is required for you to become an iOS developer.

  • You need to have an in-depth knowledge of iOS (Mac OS), iPhone SDK, Objective C, SQLite, CoreData, and COCOA Touch framework
  • Will require hands-on experience working in the swift language, and Swift 4.0 + is a must
  • Working experience with different iOS frameworks, including UIKit, core animation, and core location
  • Know how to work with third-party libraries and APIs to build iOS applications
  • Get to know Apple’s design principles for iOS apps, and understand interface guidelines and AutoLayout
  • Must have understanding with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
  • Should have familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect with back-end services of iOS apps
  • Knowledge of working with MVC, MVVM, VIPER structure
  • You need to be proficient with the code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Will require knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Must know how to debug and have experience in problem-solving and resolving application bottlenecks
  • You also ensure the code quality for any iOS app

No doubt, you also want to know the best resources to learn essential skills to develop iOS applications. Therefore, this next section is for you.

Best Resources to Start Your Career in iOS Development

We have divided these resources into 4 different categories, so you can adopt one of the suitable categories. Start your preparation to build iOS applications as well as to start your career in iOS development.

CoursesBecome an iOS Developer from Scratch
  • Step-by-step iOS development tutorial
  • Learn to build iOS apps using the iOS SDK from Apple
  • Explore and setup Xcode
Become an iOS Developer
  • Develop first iOS applications using layouts, views, and UIKit
  • Build complex and advanced apps with networking and Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch, and Core Data
$314.59 / month
YouTube ChannelsCodeWithChris
  • Largest dedicated iOS tutorial channel on YouTube
  • Learn how to make an app with Swift programming language, SwiftUI, and Xcode
Sean Allen
  • Free beginner courses to learn iOS mobile application development
  • Get tutorials, vlogs, interview questions, and LIVE on Sundays
BooksThe Swift Programming Language
  • Helps to develop fully-function applications
  • Learn the foundation of Swift programming language concepts
  • Get industry best practices
Intro to iOS Development with Swift
  • Do practical with the tools, techniques, and concepts to build an iOS app from scratch
  • Learn user interface design principles
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
  • A complete and practical hands-on introduction to iPhone and iPad programming
  • Development and design tools and technologies to build applications for iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, including the iOS 4.3 SDK, Objective-C, and Xcode 4
PodcastsApple Podcasts
  • Learn to use iPhone APIs and tools, including Interface Builder and Instruments and Xcode
  • Manage app memory, and design user interface using multi-touch technologies

Now, we will discuss how you should prepare your resume. Check common do’s and don’ts that you may need to consider while preparing your technical resume for an iOS app developer.

Prepare Your Resume

A resume gives the first impression of your work. Therefore, it becomes essential to make it attractive and engaging to increase your chances of getting selected.

We have shared a list of do’s and don’ts that can help you to prepare an attractive resume that you need to crack your interview. Let’s check the list of do’s and don’ts.


1. Start with a summary that stands out. Ensure you highlight the most desirable qualities of an iOS developer, including your skills but keep it short.

1. Don’t stretch word limits while writing the summary. Keep it short, to the point, and specific to your job requirements.

2. Highlight the technical skills that could set you apart from other candidates, such as proficiency with Swift and Objective-C programming languages, wireframing, experience with AR/VR, and machine learning apps.

2. Don’t mention anything which is not true because any slightest fabrication can be grounds for termination. For example, if you have proficiency with Swift and not with Objective-C programming language, then do not mention Objective-C.

3. Customize your resume in a way that directly matches your skills with the job requirements. Be honest about your skills because the hiring process may require practical assessments.

3. Don’t experiment with your resume. In short, don’t use irregular fonts, colors, and text sizes. Stick with a simple and easy-to-read format.

4. Mention your work and coding experience as an iOS developer intern or the projects you have worked on. Include the name of the tech companies, your role, work period, and your responsibilities.

4. Don’t make any typing mistakes. Proofread it once you complete writing your resume. Wrong spelling could give a wrong impression to the employer that you are not focused enough.

5. You also need to mention your education information, including qualifications with institution name, passing year, and location. You can also add relevant certificates.

5. Don’t mention your personal details or confidential information apart from contact information. Avoid adding your photo, height, or marital status.

6. Showcase your achievements, including major completed iOS development projects and awards. Mention all these in reverse chronological order.

6. Don’t hide gaps in your education and work experience. Instead, be honest and confident while explaining the reason behind the gaps.

With the perfect resume, you must want to apply to a company that helps you grow as an iOS app developer. Isn’t it? So, check some of the factors to consider while choosing a company.

How to Choose Your Company?

Everyone has different criteria for selecting a company. Let’s discuss some of the criteria and reasons to make the selection process easy for you.

Selection FactorReasons
1. Reputed Company
  • Pays well
  • Great culture of mentorship
  • Adds tremendous value to career
2. Startup Company
  • Get to work with trending technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and AR/VR
  • Faster professional growth
3. Experienced Company
  • Developed a large set of famous iOS applications
  • Work with prominent clients

You can also choose a company based on the following factors:

  • Specialization (Company’s Business Niche): Find your interest before choosing a company and the type of industry you want to work with. Check which industry the company is specialized in and whether it suits your requirements or not.
  • Career Progression: Check whether the company can help you to grow professionally or not. If you want to progress in your career, then consider this factor while choosing a company.
  • Learning/Development Opportunities: It has been observed that many newbie iOS developers want learning and development opportunities while earning. This factor is a suitable option for them.
  • Work/Life Balance: It is also essential to balance your personal life with professional work. Ensure that your preferred organization is able to give you a work-life balance.
  • Employee Retention Rate: There will be many circumstances where you might need to join the same company. If this is the priority, make sure you invest in such companies for an assured and great career.
  • Leadership: Career opportunists look for leadership roles. If you aim to be a leader after a few years in your iOS app development career, then you should look for a company that can offer you leadership roles in the future.

Now, we will check a variety of questions that you may expect in your interview for the position of iOS developer. Shall we move to the next section?

Prepare for iOS Developer Interview

We know your big day is coming up. Therefore, we have created a PDF file for the best iOS questions and answers for interview that you can download and practice anytime, anywhere.

We have exclusively designed the top 20 interview questions with their answers. You can refer to these questions for the best interview preparation.

Moreover, the PDF file has beginner and intermediate level questions that you can quickly go through and check their answers.

iOS Interview Questions and Answers

Download 20 Essential iOS Questions and Answers for Interview

Now, don’t you want to know the roles and responsibilities of an iOS app developer and where to apply for the iOS developer position? If yes, then check the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles and responsibilities of an iOS app developer?

  • Developing iOS applications based on project requirements
  • Fixing bugs and testing new features
  • Implementing new application features
  • Maintaining code quality and performance of the iOS app
  • Develop APIs to support mobile functionalities
  • Work closely with the mobile development team, including the design and testing team
  • Accomplish software development goals within the specified timeline
  • Able to program in Swift and Objective-c programming language

Where to apply for the iOS developer position?

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Freelancing Websites, such as Toptal
  • College/University Job Boards
  • Job Fairs
  • Career Placement Centers
  • Official Company Website
  • Social Media Platforms, such as LinkedIn

Begin Your Journey

We hope that all this information will help you to brighten your iOS application development career. Also, you successfully learn to build iOS apps and complete your job hunting journey.

In any case, if you have any iOS development project in your mind and want to discuss it with professional iOS developers, then get in touch with us. We are a leading iOS app development company in the USA, Canada, and India, with a strong portfolio of 2500+ iOS apps. Gallery Guardian, Glovo and Lacy are some of the best apps developed by us and perform exceptionally in the market.

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