How this Food Delivery App Raised $11 Million in Finland?

Food Delivery App Raised

Do you know Food Tech Startups Raised $5.7B of Funding in 2015?

The food tech startups include services everything from preparing food to assembling and delivering to the foodies. Surprisingly, food tech startup has raised $5.7B across 275 deals in 2015, which is 152% on the funding basis and 102% on deal basis year-over-year.

Food Technology Investment Activity

Recently, Finnish startup Wolt raised $11 million from Investors

Wolt is now expanding to the other markets, as its larger rivals like Foodora encroach on its home turf. Gained the popularity in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Wolt has raised $11 million from investors including EQT Ventures for expanding its food-delivery services.

Other investors including the head of video-game company Supercell, Ilkka Paananen, Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom, and so on. Since its debut, Wolt said it has raised $14 million in total.
EQT Ventures is the lead investor investing in European tech startups recently. Miki Kuusi, CEO of Wolt and founder of the annual Slush tech conference in Helsinki, said:

“We honestly couldn’t think of better partners on the planet to help us on our journey. EQT Ventures are by far one of the most interesting VC initiatives in Europe in a very long time, really establishing a force to be reckoned with. We believe in building something simple that people really love to use. This leads to them telling their friends about Wolt, which has been the cause for our rapid growth so far. Our vision is to be the user interface for all things eating on the mobile phone.”

What’s the Idea Behind Wolt?

Now, ordering and getting your favorite food is simple and ease. This application enables to order and pay in advance for a coffee, drink or meal from your favorite restaurants through your phone.
At the other end, the restaurant receives an order through tablet and you are informed when your order will be ready (shows order delivery in minutes). All just you have to pick your items without waiting in sidestep long queues.

More than 100,000 users and 400 restaurants have signed up for Wolt within one year. It enable users to place an order as little as 10 seconds to delivered your favorite food at your place. Deliveries take around 30 minutes that includes food preparation time.

Giants Like Nokia, Skype and Alibaba Invest in Food-delivery App

Not only Nokia’s chairman Risto Siilasmaa and the founder of Skype have invested in the food industry, but also Alibaba & Ant Financial jointly invested $1.25 billion in a food-delivery app like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is placing $1.25 billion bet on the Chinese food-delivery application, offering offline services to Chinese consumers through smart devices.

Invested $900 million in Shanghai-based, Alibaba also signed a co-operation agreement with, under which its own online food-services platform has named as Koubei.

Food-delivery Apps Are the Most Likeable Among Investors. Do You want to develop Investor’s Choice On-demand Food Delivery App?

On-demand food delivery service is popular among the users and thus, we have developed eBulter application for people residing in Spain. Glovo enables people to purchase or deliver almost anything with just a few clicks. This app connects the order to the nearest available couriers and after that reaches to the user’s place within 60 minutes. Recently, Spain’s Glovo, On-Demand Local Delivery Startup, has raised funding of €150M in Series E funding led by Mubadala.

We also have developed Foodiini application for food-lovers to order their favorite food from the nearest restaurants. This application provides an innovative channel to the restaurants to interact with their potential customers. It’s the best app for getting beautiful pictures of dishes, promoting a restaurant business and provide loyalty to the customers. In addition to these two apps, we have developed many applications for restaurant industry. Check out portfolio section.


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