How SME Mobility Solutions can contribute in the success of Small and Medium Enterprises?


The success of SMEs lies in their merit and not on grandiose marketing or branding campaigns. Why mobility solutions are important for them is a worn out debate and done away with. The focus now is how small and medium size enterprise mobility solutions and service can significantly contribute to the competitive advantage of the business.

To find out the methods to do this, it is important for SMEs to identify major challenges in implementing these mobility solutions in their business set-up. It is this focused identification that can pave the way for a newer and more meaningful way to handle those challenges.

Challenges in having SME Mobility Solutions

One of the biggest challenges for small and medium enterprises in implementing mobility solutions is that of cost. For example, if there are only a few workers, a company is naturally skeptical about the returns on investment.

However, such skepticism can be evaluated by taking into consideration overall benefits of mobility solutions for SMEs. Depending upon the nature of the business, organizations can compare and contrast business functions with mobility solutions and without mobility solutions. Following are some of the typical errors that small and medium size enterprises often face in their daily operations:

  • A paper system often leads to incomplete forms, inaccurate data, spelling mistakes
  • Errors in manual pricing calculations leading to huge work load on the employees and causing great discomfort to customers
  • In case of back end system, data often needs to be loaded which is often a manual process.The chances of errors lie in the gap between an employee’s reading of the data and entering it into the system

It is against the backdrop of such common errors in small and medium sized businesses operating without mobility solutions, that such businesses need to figure out effective implementation of mobility solutions.

Advantages of mobility solutions for SMEs

Small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service obviously make business more mobile and therefore more flexible. Both employees and customers can have an access to crucial information whenever and wherever they want.

In case of mobility of an employee, if you have facilitated your employee with mobility solutions, she can have an access to important business data and that may lead to a success crucial to your business. For example, your employee has gone to a meeting and she happens to meet a prospective buyer of your product/service. If she has the access to relevant information, a business deal can be sealed at that very moment. This is by no means a less advantage of SMEs mobility solutions.

If you allow your business function mobile way, the benefits are also reaped by end users. If a customer is in the process of making a decision, and if she needs a crucial data to finalize her decision, she can quickly have an access to your company and make an informed decision. This then makes the experience of a customer pleasant and hassle free, and earns you invaluable trust and loyal customer base.

Space-O is one such mobility solutions provider to SMEs that can serve the purpose for all types of small and medium enterprises. We approach small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service as a holistic way to mean business.

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