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Are You Living in San Francisco & Dealing with The Traffic Related Problem?

The same problem faced by every citizen of San Francisco, as they find the public transit system sucks. It becomes very difficult to reach to the destination in the morning or busy hours. Moreover, it takes an entire hour or longer to travel just 4 miles.  

The mercy situation arises when you are travelling by Muni, which is not on time or might stop in the middle of the tunnel for a moment or bus might decide not to emphasize or even the driver may mysteriously ask travelers to get off the bus. Unfortunately, such situations in San Francisco happen when you are travelling in the bus.

A Public transportation app, Swiftly Solves Transportation Problem

In San Francisco,Swiftly, a public transportation application launches out of beta, spending just less than one million of funding. This application can do same for public transportation as Waze did for Google maps.

Swiftly called itself Swyft that has gathered approximate 45000 users, however, it is just an add-on to the public transit app, Nextbus. However, Swyft is rebranding itself, as Swiftly and now, this application has more competitors like Nextbus.

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Why Swiftly Exists?

Global development increased by 15% in the last 15 years and by 2050, it is supposed that around 6 billion people will live in urban areas. Sadly, we don’t have enough earth to fit 6 billion cars to park and bigger roads to ride. Thus, we have to think about the environment.

Here, the idea of Swiftly comes in the mind for urban transit. Swiftly is the combination of rideshare, scootershare, carshare, bikeshare, public transportation, walking, etc. it enables city residents to compare different ways of transportation in real-time to search the affordable and fastest ways around the San Francisco.

Our cities spend dollars on transportation infrastructure for little data to know. With Swyft, cities can get more accurate data that increases the impact of their infrastructure investments. Swiftly App is set to be launch with an aim to improve the way cities move by excellent user experience and better information.

Will Swiftly become the go-to app for public transit in San Francisco?

Swiftly tries its best to compete with Nextbus, Moovit, Routesy and many others. This application tells the time to catch the next bus, MUNI line and also tell you to the second when it supposes your ride to get there.    

Jonny Simkin, the co-founder says that the application uses an algorithm, which is called Metronome that works with MUNI’s GPS location system and information for determining when the next bus will reach. It also expands machine learning over time to get perfect outcome.  

How Swiftly App Works? What Has It Under the Bonnet?

When users open the application, they find a list of nearby transit stops and a countdown timer that show how soon Muni rail or the next bus is coming. This application counts every second of the arrival times and uses information that provided by other commuters to provide an idea of what’s happening in real-time. For example – If you are clicking on ‘Home’, you will get a list of transit and how long each route will take.

Swiftly application is also incorporated with UberX that enables you to know the cost and timing of getting a car. Users will find app’s exact timing more exact the closer to the time they need to ride. Check this review. We found it on TechCrunch. 


It is often irritating in SF to getting around on the public system. Here, trains, buses, traffic, light rail, etc. don’t work together, which is the main reason why startups like Uber getting more success. Now, swiftly app has been launched and people find it useful until now.

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