How Media Organizations can Benefit from Enterprise Mobility Solutions?


It is clear. It is an age of convergence. All media organizations are grappling with a challenge to converge content from one form to another and deliver it as per the demand. Enterprise mobility for media industry here plays a significant role to meet this challenge.

The key for mobility for media is to synthesize technology with their business model. Delivering content as per the demand may involve an array of broadcasters, advertising agencies, films and entertainment companies. The need of the hour for all these media organizations is to exploit the emerging mobility solutions for entertainment so as to win over larger segment of users and increase returns on investment.

How enterprise mobility in media industry can facilitate convergence more effectively?

One thing media organizations need to understand clearly is that mobility in media industry is not just confined to user-experience. It is rather more about how organizations have managed to achieve that.  And, this is both – a challenge and an opportunity.

To implement mobility solutions for media industry is to enable accessibility of your content across all mobile devices. This obviously requires robust technical and business strategies. The second step is to optimize enterprise mobility for media industry in such a way as to make it sustain the ever expanding digital revolution.

While implementing enterprise mobility for media, organizations need to figure out how many mobile platforms such as MEAP, cloud, native OS Web OS and devices such as smart tablets, smart phones would be supported.

Having gained thorough clarity of all these technicalities along with to be mobile-enabled business functions, an organization needs to decide how it wants to pursue this entire process. That involves a possibility to partner with a technology service provider like Space-O.

Space-O and mobility solutions for media industry

Space-O works both as a consultant and a provider of mobility solutions for entertainment/media industry. We cater to various segments ranging from advertising, print, television, films and entertainment etc. We make sure that the entire execution of mobility in media industry takes place exactly in tune with your institution’s vision and mission. And, it is precisely because of this that we take considerable time in understanding your requirements before going ahead with the project.

Enterprise mobility in media industry – a win-win for both end users and organizations

When you work with organizations like Space-O as your technology partner in implementing holistic mobility solutions for media industry, sky becomes the limit for new opportunities and new revenue.

Increased revenues on existing products and new ones for new mobile solutions mean doing business via a more cloud-centric and mobile based delivery model.
Enterprise mobility for media industry also means improved employee productivity with improved coordination and collaboration capacities.

As the data is provided in real time with improved quality, mobility in media industry means a more effective and focused sales.

Constant need to innovate unique mobility solutions for entertainment industry also prompts media organizations to set up more sensible and functional R&D facilities within the organization.

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