How the Latest KitKat Can Take Your Android App Development Project to a Next Level?


Google has finally launched it’s yet another Android sweet – KitKat. And, with this launch, it has once again opened myriads of opportunities in the world of custom Android application development.

The newly launched version, android 4.4 kitkat update empowers app publishers to exploit the new features in an innovative way so as to create unique and stunning applications. A full screen immersion mode, a new look of contacts are some of the changes introduced in this new version.

With these new features, developing Android app has become even more interesting. Let us have a look at how developers can take android app development to a next level with the use of this new version.

Immense possibilities for content-driven applications

The last few years have proved that content is indeed queen in any walk of life especially entertainment industry. If you have solid content, profits are bound to come your way. The newly introduced feature in KitKat – full screen – gives Android application developers a great opportunity to cash in on this trend.

Android application developers can use the immersion mode of the full screen to sharply arrange additional features of application. This full screen feature offers plenty of space to developers to utilize. If an application developer uses this space smartly, this would be a unique reading experience for readers.

A feature with print options

This feature helps a lot in emerging countries like India where paperless office concept is still in transition. Android application development in India can use this feature as it offers a support for printing. Users can use this feature to take printouts of any content they want. This feature enables file connection or device connection to printer via Bluetooth, WiFi or through the Cloud service of Google.

This application in a way serves both purposes – enterprise mobility as well as needs of an office that requires paper work as well. Such applications can be instant success in emerging economies like India.

A Feature that makes custom Android application development easier

For an app developer, it is very important to create applications that are different and unique. A feature called branding allows developers to customize applications as per the requirements of the user. This also avoids duplication and sameness of applications.

Consistency has its place in Android, but you also have the flexibility to customize the look of your app to reinforce your brand. This feature makes Android app development a unique combination of consistency and flexibility. In order to emphasize brand presence, Android application developers can easily overlook Android default blue in elements such as check-boxes, progress bars, radio buttons, sliders, tabs, and scroll indicators.

This feature makes Android application development process even more interesting for developers in a sense that they can take creative freedom and apply their own creative wisdom to create a unique user experience.

With this, appreneurs surely are in a happy space. Find an experienced technology partner like Space-O and make sure that developing Android app becomes a memorable and precious experience for your developers, users and you.

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