How Enterprises can Leverage Top Mobile Trends in 2014 for Mobility Solutions?

In 2014, there would be over 2 billion smart phones installed globally. Needless to say that whatever enterprise you may own or head, that is going to be affected by this. It is not a question of why now, but rather how. And, it is this question that we are trying to explore here together.

Let us see how you can take advantage of immense mobile proliferation across the globe and reap higher returns on investment on your enterprise mobility solutions.

Location-centric mobile marketing

When globalization prevailed as the rule of the game, there were prominent voices making it tailored to local needs. Hence, it was a concept of localized globalization. The smart phone industry seems to be picking up this idea rather quite smartly!

For example, retail stores can develop mobile applications that can suggest their buyers what goods to purchase when they are in a specific location. This would then be a user-friendly marketing and not the intrusive that all buyers shy away from.

Retailers can even get mobile applications developed that even send the signals of a particular product in a store and the customer is saved of searching for that particular product in the entire store. 2014 would encourage retailers to have mobile applications that contain features like “find in store” or “check inventory”.

Customized mobile marketing

2014 is going to witness a mobile marketing trend which is more concerned with niche audience rather than general audience. For example, if there are people who like to eat a particular dish or things from a particular region, restaurateurs would target them and get the mobile applications that can give them all the information they want for that particular item.

The logic behind this mobile marketing is why to invest in broader marketing and yield nothing. Narrowed or customized marketing has more promise of return on investment and it has never been considered prominent in the jungle of more generic mobile marketing.

Forget SMS, it is now about MMS

Smart phones and the technology supporting it have become so much spacious and rich, that content is created not only in the form of words, but also in the form of visuals. So, it would be a visual content app that would be calling the shots in 2014 and enterprises must exploit this trend to their advantage. The market for MMS is increasing with about a 40% year-on-year growth rate. Popularity of RMM – Remote Monitoring Management – is going to be increased. With RMM, an end user will get only that content which is adaptable to her device. In that sense, Android and iPhone users would get only that content that can be views on their devices. This again is quite an effective way of meaningful marketing without intimidating the users.

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