How Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji is Giving a Tough Fight to the Popular Kimoji?

How Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji is Giving a Tough Fight to the Popular Kimoji?
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How Amber Rose's MuvaMoji is Giving a Tough Fight to the Popular Kimoji?

Do You Know Amber Rose’s Muvamoji earned Over $2 Million On its opening day?

Over $4 million has been netted by Amber so far. It includes the amount that she received for signing with Moji, which is the global leader of emoji.

Moji includes 900+ icons. Amber is “confident that the app perfectly reps her personality—from the big booties to the stripper pole.”

According to some people, Amber is giving a big competition to the Kim Kardashian’s widely popular Kimoji app that released three months before Muvamoji. 

Why both the applications can’t happily exist together? However, If both want, it can.

Muvamoji and Kimoji are funny and successful applications. Both the celebrity has shown that they can make peace in the middle of controversy. We remember when Kim posted a photo on Instagram on February 2 with Amber with a message “Tea anyone?”. 

At the first glance, both the application looks great. It has lots of booties, cleavage, and pole dancing. Kimoji has both classic emoji templates, and meme-field moments from her own celebrity lifestyle while Kimoji competitor seems to slim a lot harder on Amber’s personality and expression.

Amber’s fans can see the notorious phrase in her new selection of emojis. About the design, she said, “Uhh, the one with the glove (laughs)”. “Most of the emojis were a collaboration with the company, just bringing everything I wanted to live.”

What Exceptional features MuvaMoji Has?

Available on iPhone, iPad and on Android, MuvaMoji app enables users to send more than 900 emojis to their friends via Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Texts, email, etc. It also contains a feature to send Gif to Instagram.

Just like your default keyboard, you can alter the skin color of your emoji and size of the Muvamoji. Apart from the keyboard, you can send emojis from an application also.

Is MuvaMoji Worth Buying?

Still you have a doubt? Amber Rose’s Muvamoji already earned more than $2 Million on its release day and so far, it has got positive reviews from the app users. Some fans have also thought to develop an app like Muvamoji of their favorite celebrity.

On April 1, 2016, Rose shared her happiness through Twitter by posting a photo of one of her Muvamojis — an emoji of herself “making it rain of dollars” and captioned it: “#MuvaMoji.”




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Want to develop emoji app like MuvaMoji?

Developing emoji application means you are following the latest trends. Muvamoji is one of those trendy applications that received a 4-star rating by users. We also have developed emoji application named Tunermoji, an ultimate keyboard for automotive fans.

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