How Advertising Agencies can Exploit Mobility Solutions to Dish out the Best to the Brands?


According to news reports, the Singapore-headquartered digital media company Affle Group floated a $3.3 million fund called M2X in association with Mobile Marketing Association in September this year. The fund intends to tap emerging markets across the globe with the help of innovative technologies, especially mobility solutions for media or for that matter any other brand.

The very news reflects increasing eagerness on the part of advertising agencies to implement mobility solutions for media as part of the emerging segment called mobile advertising.

The key to get such mobility solutions tailored perfectly to the needs of the brands is to partner with a technology firm which understands technology, its exploitation and execution just as you understand the needs of your brands.  Space-O is one such technology firm that can help achieve your goals for brand campaigning and targeting the right mobile users.

Let us explore some of the strategies that advertising agencies along with their technology partners can come up with to successfully launch and run any marketing campaign for any brand.

Mobility Solutions to Increase Global and Local Reach

It is want-it-now culture that we are living in. This culture demands that any business or brand targets their audience based on their preferences and sense of urgency. And these differ with the region and culture.

Mobility solutions for media industry can be customized keeping in mind the global and local differences.  While developing mobility solutions for any brand, advertisers can facilitate brands with:

  • Easy to use platform that can create multiple campaigns
  • Set up a system that makes uploading and launch easy and quick
  • Proper analysis and optimization of the campaign based on multiple variables and performance factors

Ad Units as part of Effective Mobility Solutions Strategy

Advertising agencies can offer their clients advanced ad units. With these units, brands can promote their products, target and engage the mobile consumer throughout usage cycle of the application.

Floating ads, video ads, audio ads, In-App alerts, banner ad, interstitials, overlays, app wall are some such examples of unique Ad units that advertising agencies can create with their technology partners and offer to their brands. Space-O is one such technology firm that exactly understands how to create such ad units as part of entire mobility solution campaign for any brand. Such mobility solutions for media industry can reap higher ROI only when advertising agencies can partner with the right type of technology partner such as Space-O.

Benefits of Mobility Solutions for Media Industry for Advertising Agencies

The need to have customized and unique mobility solutions for any brand has affected advertising agencies in a positive way. It has enabled them to converge – technicality, creativity and media tactics in the form of mobility solutions for media industry.

Following are some of the major benefits that mobility solutions offer to advertising agencies:

  • Apart from print and online advertising campaigns, campaigns run through mobility solutions opens up a new opportunity to earn more revenues and increase the customer base
  • Advertising agencies can reach out to those brands who make the most out of mobile ad campaigns
  • With the mobility solutions, your clients can track the performance in real time with multiple tracking parameters

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