UberEVENTS allows Event Organizers and Party Planners alike to buying rides for guests


UberEVENTS is what’s new in the World of Uber. Right when the holiday season is about to start, Uber played its trump cards. Uber has rolled out its group events service, in the form of UberEVENTS.

The taxi giant, ‘Uber,’ launched its newest feature UberEVENTS in the beta version, a couple of weeks ago, in a few chosen cities, chosen from the entire United States and this beta version was also made available for Uber’s Business users. UberEVENTS has now been rolled out on a nationwide basis.

UberEVENTS takes the most difficult part of organizing an event/party on its own shoulders, allowing the hosts to focus on other aspects of the party. This feature allows the organizers of the party to pre-book rides for the guests while only taking the charging for those rides that get used.


Those in charge of the organization of the party can customize these rides, by specifying the date and time for the cab ride. The promotion code as given by UberEVENTS, can be sent to the guests, and all they need to do is to enter this code in the Uber app, and the cab will be waiting for them in a few minutes.

For the hosts

Put the power of Uber in your guests’ hands.For_Host

For the guests

Focus on fun, rides a just a tap away.For_Guest

Well, this is a pickup and drop service every organizer and party goer can crave for, especially after having too much to drink for. It takes away the tension from the guests end, and they get the freedom to drink their heart away.

Uber’s rival company Lyft also offers similar services, opposing the currently dawning UberEVENTS. It is not an official service that Lyft offers, and yet it helps the party organizers/hosts to plan the same sort of a perfect event as does UberEVENTS.

“The holiday season is a big time for socializing both during company events and personal parties,” said UberEVENTS lead Max Crowley. He also added that Uber has sold rides for “over 500 events” through the new service during the beta period.

This is a new initiative that Uber has taken to provide the solution to a yet another problem of providing a cab ride to the party goers. So if you have your own Uber-like apps/business, and need a trick for this holiday season, get something like this as Uber did.

This holiday season, be the ultimate host and take your parties to the next level with your Custom event App.


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