Homework App Development: 3 Unique Features to Consider Before Developing a Successful Homework App


This blog post includes information for edtech startups and entrepreneurs. Scroll down to check out a few unique features, which you can consider during homework app development.

Technology has changed many things that we used to do things in the past years. The scenario has completely changed. Herein we’re going to talk about the thing, which was bothering all of us when we used to be in high schools. And, it is all about homework, and we can also say that it came up with an ever-expanding responsibility for students.

There were loads of things to do, and some things, which we were used to doing missing out when it comes to homework. Now, there is an app for everything. Thanks to homework apps!

Well, there is no doubt that the educational apps are adding values into the students’ lives in order to lessen the burden of them. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Tencent-backed homework app, Yuanfudao, has secured $300 million in Series F round of funding, led by Tencent Holdings, which is China’s largest social networking and gaming company.”

Insights: The Global Market Size of Online Tutoring

Well, China embraces the exam-oriented culture, which has given rise to the billion-dollar tutoring market. There is a lot of teaching effort that is happening online. According to the report by research firm, iResearch reflects that China’s online K-12 market will reach 44 billion yuan ($6 billion) by the end of this year i.e. 2018. And, it will more than triple to 150 billion yuan by 2022.

  • Talking about the global online tutoring market, it is forecasted to grow at 13.7% CAGR.
  • According to the report from Statista, “The global mobile education market volume from 2011-2020 spending is projected to reach 37.8 billion U.S. dollars.”


3 Unique Features to Consider Before Developing a Successful Homework App

1. Allows to Keep Track of Classes and Assignments

While developing the homework app, simplicity is the core thing, which you need to keep in mind. It is important to include features, which make things easier for students of every age group. The feature allows users to keep track classes. And, the homework app can check a list of classes, which is displaced in the app. By including this feature, your app user can get to know how many classes he/she has today or the next day.


Image Source: myhomework student planner

To complete assignments is another important task, which is easily forgotten by many students. However, this app feature allows app users to keep track of to-do assignments. Getting all things remembered and done, it is all important to consider such a feature while developing a homework planner app.

2. Live Courses

The core feature is – live courses, which startups need to consider while developing the best homework app. By considering this feature, you can create an online platform because there is a lot of teaching efforts, which happen online. This live course is a core feature, which startups need to consider in order to add value to customers’ lives.


Image Source: hacker noon

It is a great way to help out your app users to add value to students’ lives. Such feature can solve a number of problems, which they may face during the preparation of exams, assignments, and home works. By considering this, it can help you to drive a number of revenues from selling live courses. If we’re talking an example of the homework app, Yuanfudao, which claims to serve more than 200 million app users that include students and their parents in order to check the learning progress of their kids.

3. Reminders, In-app Calendars & Camera Calculators

To build a successful homework app, make sure to include a wide range of features, including reminders, in-app calendars, and camera calculators. The heart of the homework applies to consider such features, which lessen the burdensome of your app users. In addition, to improve the user experience, startups need to be very careful about considering app features.


Image Source: myhomework student planner

Your homework app is important to be smarter, so the next essential features are in-app calendars and camera calculators when it comes to creating a successful homework app.

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Wrap Up

Educational is one of the growing niches, which embraces a number of opportunities for education startups. As per the report from technavio, “There is high adoption of m-learning (mobile learning), and it has been one major trend. And, it has pushed growth in the private tutoring market.” It is also reported that in countries like the US and UK, m-learning (mobile learning) methods have already been adopted in order to help students.

Furthermore, as per the latest report from Google Trends, the keyword “m-learning” is on the trend in searches since 2004.



If we’re talking about the interest by region, then Fiji, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Bulgaria are the top countries.


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