4 Features to Consider While Developing An On Demand Home Services App like Takl

Home service apps – the new big trend that is gaining huge attention from investors worldwide. Looking at the increasing demand, if you have decided to start your own home service startup or business like Takl app, you have landed in the right place. Herein we have mentioned 4 must-have features of home service app like Takl. We have written these features under the guidance of our Sr. on-demand app consultant. So, don’t overlook these features during home service app development.


Raise your hand if you don’t like to do daily home chores like cleaning, lawn cleaning, repairing the damaged item, and delivering any package to your beloved one.

What? Are we really seeing a lot of raising hands?

Well, that’s obvious.

Who likes to do tasks like moving items, assembling furniture, and painting walls? And that’s too on weekends. People wait to go on a one-day picnic or outing with their friends and family members when it is a weekend or holiday.

Thanks to on-demand service apps that are helping people to do their daily errands from repairing to home cleaning and organizing to assembling things and removing junk from the home to delivering anything to anyone.

Talking about one such popular home service app, Takl is a USA-based home service on-demand app, helping USA residents to book different home services. Let’s know more about Takl home service app

Takl: Most Popular Home Service App in the USA

  • What is Takl? Considered as a leader in on-demand home services, the app offers its popular pre-priced service in more than 130 metropolitan markets.
  • This on-demand app is available in more than 42 states, allowing residents to book home service from a range of options like lawn care, delivery & courier services, house or office cleaning, junk removal, small repairs, and hourly-day labor.
  • This home service app uses Takl’s national network of over 60000 providers that cover over 80% of the U.S. population.

Looking at these convincing numbers, if you have made up your mind to start your own home service company or want to grow the existing one like Takl, check out these 4 main features of Takl app. Being a leading on-demand app development company, we have mentioned features that can make your on-demand app for home services successful. 

4 Features For Home Service App Development Like Takl

  1. A collection of different home services with search option

    Just like the Takl home service app, you can display a complete collection of home services with their detailed information. From different same day services for the home like cleaning, handyman, junk removal, painting, lawn & yard, moving items, assembling and other services, allow your app users to instantly select and book the service as per their comfort.

    home service app development

    Image Credit: Takl app

    Moreover, you should have the search option at the top of the home services so that users don’t face any problem while searching for the service that he wants to book. With a search option, he can enter the name of the service, select it and book it as per his requirement.

    So, don’t forget to mention all the home services on your on-demand app’s home screen as it will be easier for users to check out the services and book one that fits their needs.

  2. Custom job option

    The most unique feature of this household service app is the ability to build your own job with specific requirements. Whether users want to customize home cleaning services, lawn & yard services, or any other on-demand services, home service app like Takl allows users to build their own small jobs.

    This feature will give your app users the freedom to choose their desired services as per their needs. So, if you have ever thought to create an app for household services, don’t forget to include a feature of custom job options.

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  3. Listing of qualified professionals to perform small jobs

    Considered as the must-have feature for your home service app, a listing of qualified professionals help app users to find the best professional, who has experience in performing a particular job or task. No matter what the user is looking for, but he/she can select the professional or job performer as per his choice.

    home service app development

    Image Credit: Takl app

    Let’s take an example of Talk app that works as a platform to connect people, who need work done with qualified professionals. So, this on-demand home service application has a talent pool of over 60000 providers, who work in 130 metro areas across the United States.

    Like Talk service app, you can also list down all the experts with their total years of experience, expertise, hourly rate, and other required information. This will help users to review all the experts and choose one with the best capabilities.

  4. Multiple payment options

    The fourth essential feature that you as an owner of the home service startup can consider is multiple payment options. With multiple payment options like net banking, credit/debit card, e-wallets, and COD, it becomes easier for users to make payment for the service with just a few clicks.

    However, make sure to provide a safe and secure payment option to your app users so they don’t think while making a payment of the service.

  5. Siri enabled for instant booking

    This is the bonus feature that you as an owner of the home service business can consider. Take an example of Takl app that comes with Siri enabled a feature that works with the app to instantly create a task and put it out for providers to accept. No matter which home chore you need help with, Siri can work with your app and instant book a service.  

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Home service apps are the new and much popular trend in the market of on-demand market. There are many such on-demand apps like Handyman, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Takl that are widely used by people to perform daily home chores. However, there are many opportunities that you can explore and execute for your home service startup.

So, if you have got any idea on home service app development or household service app, cross-verify it with us. We are one of the leading Android and iOS app development companies in India and already helped over 1500 businesses to optimize their business through mobile apps. So, we know what it requires to develop a home service app like TaskRabbit and Takl.

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