Holiday Planner App Development: 4 Features for Holiday Startups

holiday planner app development

Are you a travel agency or hotel booking startup, looking for options to expand your business? Want to have a systematic booking system that manages bookings and clients? The most accessible and accelerating medium is developing a mobile app. If you are considering app development for your travel business, herein we have curated 4 features of Hoildu app, a Munich-based startup, which recently raised €40 million in Series C funding. Dive into the blog to know the essential ingredients that need to be considered during best holiday planner app development.

Apps like Airbnb and Homeaway have revolutionized the vacation rentals segment.

Gone are the days when people used to stand in a queue to get the flight, train tickets. Even hotel bookings had to be done through phone calls. With the advent of apps like AirBnB, Expedia, Flipkey, HomeAway, hospitality management has got a new trend in the form of last-minute hotel bookings.

Bookings through apps have many advantages like business is always available for reservations, customers have given financial commitments beforehand, you can spend more time fixing loopholes of the business then attending the unanswered phone calls or phone tags. With such a convenient option both the parties can manage their chores without any mishap. 

Now, a question might have crossed your mind about the revenue structure of the vacation rental industry or you must be analyzing the top vacation rental countries in terms of spending. Being a leading mobile app development firm, one of our experienced app consultants have gathered some informational data, which clearly shows the scope of hotel search apps. 

Vacation Rental Statistics

  • Vacation rental segment amounts to the US $57,669m in 2019. This revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$74,005m by 2023.

vacation rental revenue

  • The USA with $14,458m in 2019 is the top country in the worldwide market of vacation rentals that generated the most revenue.

global comparison of vacation rental countries

After seeing these statistics, we are sure you are clear about the scope of such vacation planner apps. Recently, we also came across the latest news piece related to Holidu, which is the best holiday planner app. This app has raised €40 million in Series C funding led by Prime Ventures with participation from comparison and MairDuMont Ventures. 

The investors are also wanting to have a piece of this cake. The reason behind such an inventorial interest is, improved lifestyle, people are getting more adaptive to new travel trends and thus such holiday apps give them more leverage to enjoying lavish vacation trips. 

Now, let’s dive into the Holidu app’s features that made this app popular among users as well as investors in the vacation rental app space. Being a travel agency or holiday planner startup, you can consider these features for holiday planner app development and make your app successful.

4 Features of Holidu That Travel and Hospitality Startups Need to Consider During Holiday Planner App Development

#1 Price comparison across sites

In today’s technological friendly world, who wants to go through the pain of sitting in front of a laptop and go through thousands of sites to book a hotel or transport mean? No one right?

So, you can put an end to such pricing commotions with holiday rental app. The user can compare a hotel room’s price on one platform. An intuitive user interfaces with a comparison of sites, similar to flight search engine Skyscanner, but for accommodation makes your online business much more engaging.

Being a travel agency startup, you can also build a hotel deals app that lets users book last-minute unsold hotel rooms. Such an approach will make you a convenient online hotel reservation system. You may also convert an app for hotels into vacation rentals like Airbnb.

#2 Search and filter holiday stay themes

What if a user is searching for penthouses, beach and lake houses, county homes, as well as houseboats or castles? Being a travel agency startup, you need to have a diversified data regarding hotels and its suitable locations.

holiday planner app development

Image Credit: Holidu

Now humanly, it is not possible that you can remember such a database for years. With the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), you can streamline your apps data and can obtain users insights. By this feature integration, you will know the preferences of the online users. 

#3 Intuitive map search 

The most important feature in a holiday planner app is map integration. Nowadays, people are relying more on geolocations. The map exactly shows the destination to the user which gives an assurance of its existence. For instance, the Holidu app has 6 million holiday rentals with largest selection of regions. 

holiday planner app development

Image Credit: Holidu

A user can roam locally with the help of your in-app map. You can specifically curate a local guide for the destinations which will work as an extra mileage for the app. As a sub-category, you can also include the “distance filter” feature which will show the users with rentals close to the beach, the sea, or the city center.

#4 Invite or share with friends

This particular feature is all about engaging more audience, through loyal users. Allow your users to share their vacation rentals through the app which results in your app marketing on social media platforms by your real-time users. 

We, at Space-O Technologies, have curated some more unique features for the best holiday planner app development. These ingredients are unique and will make your app stand out from your competition.

Bonus Features to Check Before Investing in Holiday Planner App Development

  • Location-based technology

When planning an app like Airbnb, such a technological integration can provide your users with accurate location and time zone updates.

  • Mobile itineraries

This feature integration displays confirmation code, airline, flight number, travel dates and times, flight status, all at one place. Thus, there is no scope of forgetting things or carrying documents everywhere.

  • Room check-in via smartphones

Mobile apps are invented to provide everything handy. No need of room keys, you can collaborate with the hotels to provide such a service to your online users as a perk.

  • Multi-lingual descriptions

As you are a travel agency startup, multi-lingual descriptions are a must for your app. You can engage audiences across the globe by integrating this feature. 

Are You Planning for the Best Holiday Planner App Development?

Apps are a convenient way to hotel bookings and property rental searches. A user can browse listing from wherever he is, whether waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting on the subway during the commute. With careful planning and effective business strategies, your hotel business can go a long way in this race.

Now, the question may arise in your mind about why to rely on us? Recently we made an app like Airbnb (or kind of an Airbnb clone) to book chalets, hotels, and resorts in the UAE. The app is named Nuzhah, it comes in two variants – Nuzhah for guests and Nuzhah for hosts. Guests can view, book, and check availability in chalets, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and even camps for their holidays. Hosts, on the other hand, can submit their property to be listed as luxurious chalets, hotels, and resorts.

Nuzhah app

Image Credit: Nuzhah

So, if you have got any raw ideas on holiday planner app development, cross-verify it with our mobile app developers. We are a leading Android and iPhone app development company with experience of developing over 30 hotel and restaurant booking apps.

Feel free to book a free consultation with our technical expert and clear your doubts about developing the best holiday planner app, app development timeline and how to make money with an app for hotel booking. All you need to do is fill our contact us form and our sales representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

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