Interior Design and Decorating Mobile App Houzz – Best Android app of the Year2016 in the first-ever Developer Conference, Google I/O

google play awards 2016

Google IO Developer Conference and apps for “Best of” lists, selecting winners across a variety of app categories.

Google has taken the list of apps in nominations that reflected a group of developers and though who were taking benefits of Google’s services along with implementing Google’s new and recommended design language, Material Design.

The results ended up with an app Houzz with the winning title of “Best App” and beaten out Buzzfeed News, Colorfy, TuneIn Radio and Yummly.

There are many applications like Houzz that developed into fantastic tools for building, decorating and renovating projects.

Being the home decorating and renovation platform, Houzz has everything you need to improve your home to make it dream home. This application has more than 9 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors for users to browse by location, style, and room, then save and share.

One of the best thing about home improvement business ideas is users can tap the “View in My Room” Button on any product page and user the device’s camera to see how products will look in your room. Interestingly, The New York Times put this application as the “best apps for home improvement.”

Houzz Raised a Total Funding of $213.6 Million

At the end of 2014, Houzz raised a $165 million Series D that brings its total funding to about $213.6 million. An exact year ago, Houzz opened its office in Tokyo. In addition to Tokyo, Houzz also has international offices in Singapore, Berlin, Sydney, London, and Moscow.

Houzz has 150,000 monthly users and listings from 3,000 service providers, according to CEO Adi Tatarko and thus, he wanted to localize Houzz for Singapore. Tatarko said,

“There are two main criteria we look at when evaluating new markets for Houzz: one is a strong local demand for the Houzz offering and the second is demand from the global Houzz community in a market’s design aesthetic and expertise. Both Japan and Singapore met these criteria.”

Houzz localized by adapting its language in Singapore for example – writing “service yard” instead of “laundry,” and has added some tags like one for Peranakan-style homes. Now, 40 million monthly unique visitors are claimed by the company worldwide with listing for over million professionals like interior designers and architects.

Winning ‘Best App’ at first-ever Developer’s conference is the best example of scaling a side project into a viable business

In the past year, the app installs from Google Play had reached 65 billion. Houzz, the winning application, was chosen by the experts at Google, considering several factors like innovation and app quality.

Houzz app is already on the list of “best apps for home improvement” in New York Times, “Single Best Source” for finding inspiration: Said The Washington Post and “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN.

Houzz founded by the married team Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen and the seven-year-old home design-platform, with 40 million monthly users and over one million active home design and renovation professionals, as well as localized platforms all over the world in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

The duo was inspired to launch the company after experiencing their own ups and downs during a remodel.

In her early stage, she struggled and learned that to invest time in the hiring process and get more attached to the people because investing in hiring process reduces the chances of mistakes. Once you get funded or raise money, it is easy to hire programmers and people fast but you have to be thoughtful about your dream that what exactly you want to build which includes culture, vision and the fundamentals which help your people for a long-term goal.

She also shared advice for aspiring entrepreneurs that develop something meaningful before you go to investors. Invest and spend first 6 months to build a great product and prove yourself that idea is good rather than chasing investors and redoing powerpoints.

How much would it cost to pay a professional web design company to build and maintain a website like Houzz?

If you want to develop an app like Houzz, you should consider an app’s nature and the functionality that you want to integrate into your mobile application. Other important factors like platforms and environment, customization, number of app screens, third-party integration, and many other things are to be considered.

The hiring process is not so easy and that is where for hiring Android developers, Space-O right choice for the startups, as we are the full stack mobile developers company, based in India and Russia focused on quality, speed, and usability. In a Nutshell, your project is exactly in our sphere of competence and area of interest.

From simple to dynamic, having functionalities like ‘Idea to Development’, ‘In-App Purchase’, ‘Frequent Content Management’, ‘Backend CMS’, GPS, animations.

Coming to the pricing, the startup costs for interior design business also depends on in what way you hire mobile app developers, i.e. contract base or hourly charges or hire dedicated developers.


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