UI UX developer, Hire UI UX Designer
UI UX developer, Hire UI UX Designer

Hire UI UX Designer

Popular statistics suggests that a good user experience can increase sales by 74%,
thus improving customer satisfaction by 72%.

The mobile dimension has become more user-centric; from considering how the user uses the mobile app to their behaviour while using the different functionality of the apps calls for a combination of analytics and cognitive computing to analyze with thoroughness and build insights. A mobile app is a combination of science (functionality) and arts (aesthetics), which is why you need to consider UI with the end user i.e. the user experience in mind. You cannot remove UX from the UI design, and vice versa, as they go hand in hand in today’s time and age.

Space-O Technologies understands the connection between the two, and offers the apt UI to boost UX, thus increasing customer satisfaction and overall sales. The two are different from each other, and we handle it as separate aspects of mobile app development. We have dedicated teams for UI and UX design, and they work together to give out a brilliant app.

UI vs UX Designers

The most common doubt that crosses people’s mind is what does a UI designer do versus what does a UX designer do?
In simple words, we believe UI is the visibility and structure of the app while, UX is the simplicity and accessibility of the app. A UI designer will take into account colours, placement, the ease of interaction, and the overall app functionality while, the app’s UX designer will account for the uncluttered experience as well as the ease of use and navigation of the app. The UX designer will design for the thumb, single hand app use etc.
The work may be different for both but, they need to work together to build the ideal app for your business.

UI UX developer, Hire UI UX Designer
UI UX developer, Hire UI UX Designer

Cost to Hire UI UX Designers

The mobile app designers give the base for the app upon which the UI designer will build the app story. It is the UX designer that you should ideally appoint before appointing the UI designer.

The cost of hiring a UX designer depends on three basic factors

  • Project scope: Competition analysis, user preference definition, early prototypes and initial strategy
  • Storyboarding: Create user personas, build appropriate storyline for the user in concern
  • User Testing: Taking feedback into consideration, reviewing the A/B testing, monitoring on regular basis etc.
  • The UX designers work on these three main aspects, and are paid either hourly or fixed.

The cost of hiring a UI designer also depends on three factors

UI UX developer, Hire UI UX Designer

We define these aspects at the time of sending the quote to make things transparent and lucid.

Why Space-O?

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