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  • Taxi companies & businesses – Who owns a fleet of cabs and wants to switch from manual dispatch software to mobile app solution for their brand.
  • Entrepreneurs – Who wants to build a ride sharing app like Uber & Ola and establish an on demand startup.

Several taxi companies are making profits with Uber like app development for their existing businesses and facilitating their customers. With the increasing amount of smartphone users, it is clear that global population is quickly adopting this advanced technology for better services and experience. In fact, these feature-rich, user-friendly taxi booking apps are generating huge profits in different industries and taxi businesses are among them. That’s why, Space-O Technologies always help entrepreneurs as well as existing taxi businesses in developing Ola & Uber like apps.

From past few years, Uber like apps’ market has experienced tremendous growth in the increased number of businesses and in its users as well. Today, more and more travelers prefer booking a cab using taxi booking apps.

When we talk about taxi booking apps, Uber and Ola are some of the names that instantly pops up in our heads. They both provide same services in which the only point of contact between the rider and the driver is the app, and that’s why it needs to be of high quality, feature-rich, and usability.

The growth of Uber like app business is based on integrating multiple features and functionalities which allows app users to select the cab or taxi according to their preferences.

What You Get By Hiring Space-O Technologies For Your Uber Like App Development

You may already know that taxi apps like Uber consist a wide array of features with user-friendly app interface and appealing user experience. There are many taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola which are developed by existing taxi businesses and used by millions of users, and it is because of following reasons:

User-Friendly App Interface

Our taxi app developers & designers create a rich and user-friendly app interface that is not only interactive, but also intuitive. We develop your overall app functionalities easy-to-use and make the entire app navigation smooth.

Recently, we developed Ninja Delivery, an on demand delivery app, whose user experience was much appreciated by its users and the client.


When you hire Space-O for your Uber like app development ideas, our iPhone and Android app development team build a taxi app in such a way that your users can easily navigate the location without any inconvenience and disruption.

Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking functionality in your taxi booking app, your users can view the taxis available in the area near their present location and also track the taxi that they have booked in real-time.

Our taxi app developers are specialized in integrating real-time tracking functionality in mobile apps. In fact, we’ve already integrated in this functionality in several of our clients’ apps which helped them to get on the top charts. MRSOOL is one such example. It is currently at number 1 position in Business Apps in Saudi Arabia.

If you’d like to know more about our past on demand app projects, please check our on demand portfolio section for the same.

Useful Innovative Features

For your Uber like app development project, our taxi app developers not only incorporate essential features which engage your users, but also make the taxi booking process fast and effortless. Being a top mobile app development company, we’re well-aware of the fact that service-oriented interface offers best user experience. Therefore, from the beginning of your taxi app project (or any project for that matter), we always focus on creating a smooth navigation which starts from obtaining user’s current location to accepting payment within the app.

GPS integration is also used to make the navigation much smoother, which is implemented by our developers with extreme caution that allow your users to mention their pickup and dropoff location quickly.

Secure & Fast Payment Functionality

Most of the riders & travelers prefer cashless payment which is why we strongly recommend integrating secure and fast payment functionality to all of our clients in their mobile apps. Furthermore, many taxi apps including Uber & Ola show the estimated taxi fare before booking the ride according to distance between pickup and dropoff location.

Our taxi app developers can integrate different payment methods that your users can feel comfortable in paying for their trips online. We can add payment systems like debit/credit card payment, different wallet payments in your taxi booking app with the functionality to check fare estimate before booking a cab.

Why Taxi Booking Apps are So Popular?

Before smartphone revolution, the taxi services were not app-based and people had to call on particular taxi company numbers to book or call a taxi. The fares were also not competitively fixed and used to be much higher.

Due to these everyday problems, people always wished for a better solution for easy taxi booking process and lower rates. This is what Uber and other Uber like apps have been providing to riders for the past few years. Riders can now book a taxi with just few taps on their smartphones, and thanks to GPS integration, they can also track their cabs in real-time.

Along with all above factors, more reasons behind the success of taxi booking apps are reflected in the graph below.


Besides this, CEO of Sidecar, another ride-sharing app startup also stated “13,000 people requested ridesharing in San Francisco our first month.”

This means, taxi booking apps are already loved by users globally for their instant services. And there are several advantages for both end-users – Riders & Drivers. Check them out below.


With all the above benefits, the taxi app industry has been estimated to grow in the coming years.

Advantages With Space-O Technologies

As explained earlier, taxi booking apps are just interface, which is why your app must offer a personalized experience to your users. Here’s how Space-O Technologies takes care of that part.

Free Expert ConsultationLimited or NoNoYes
Project Success RatioDepends90-100%99% on Upwork
Project Failure RiskHigh70-100%Very Low
Expert SuggesstionsNoNoYes
Domain ExpertiseLimitedBroadBroad
PricingHourly or Fixed PriceFixed PriceDedicated, Hourly,
Fixed Price, On-site
Central Point of ContactNoYesYes
CommunicationDependsGoodExpert Customer
Escalation PolicyNoYesYes
Coding StandardsDepends100% reusable100% reusable
Mobile App TestingNoYesYes
Maintenance & SupportDependsYes90 days free support
Liability & CommitmentUncertain100%100%

  • Skilled Taxi App Developers Who Take Care of The Entire Development Process

Space-O Technologies ensures the quality of your Uber like app development project by engaging our best taxi app developers and the most advanced tools. We can develop a customized clone of popular taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft, and at the same time, also design your app that stand out from the competition and syncs with your business requirements.

  • 6+ Years of Experience in Developing 2500+ Mobile Apps

We’ve been in mobile app development industry for quite long now and well-versed with developing mobile apps for a range of categories for both iOS and Android platform. By hiring our services, you can plan to launch your taxi booking app simultaneously on both popular platforms.

In fact, with a modular approach, we have been able to reduce the time and cost involved in Uber taxi app development. For more information about Uber app development cost, you can visit our Uber App Clone service page or fill out our Contact Us form with your requirements and our business analyst will get back to you with an accurate cost for your idea.

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