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Bots are third-party application, operated by software, not by human. Telegram bots are popular among 100 million active users of Telegram. Basically, Telegram is a cloud-based desktop and mobile app, focusing on speed and security and now, on BOTS.

Bots often have AI features and can do anything – search, connect, play, integrate with other services and also, give commands to the IoT (Internet of Things). Telegram users can communicate with bots by sending them commands, inline requests and messages. Bots can be controlled by using HTTPS requests to the bot API.


Why Develop Bots for Telegram (Télégramme)?

  • Telegram Messages Are Encrypted
  • Telegram Allows to Manage messages from multiple devices
  • Delivering Messages faster than any other app.
  • Secure and Speedy
  • Open API and Protocol
  • No ads and subscription fees
  • Keeps Messages Secure from Hackers’ Attacks
  • Send Unlimited Media and Do Chats

What Can Enterprise (Unternehmen) Do with Telegram Bots?

Forbes and TechCrunch Bot

Like Forbes and TechCrunch Bot, you can develop your own bots that give you customized and relevant notifications and news as soon as it's published.

GitHub bot, IMDB bot, YouTube bot,

Bots can develop Telegram chat with content from other services. Examples for such Bots are GitHub bot, IMDB bot, YouTube bot, etc.

Bots provide weather forecasts, alerts, translations, etc. with its custom tools. Vote bot (NEW), Markdown bot, etc. are examples.

Games bots act as a second player, host in quizzes, or dungeon master's dice for an RPG.

Social Bots could connect people, who are looking for conversation partners. This bot is just like Tinder-like dating bot.

Telegram encourage bot developers, investing $ 1mn to Boost Telegram Bots development (entwicklung)

The messaging app-Telegram has placed $1m in grants for Telegram Bots Development. It’s open type of development for bots developers. Pavel Durov will be giving $1m to the Bots developers to create impressive bots using Bot API.

Just like other developers, Space-O also uses Bot API to develop bots that concentrate on integrations, AI, natural language, and tools. We also port an existing bot from another platform by redesigning it to fit in the platforms like Facebook and Slack. Our Bot developers are making use of the app’s interface system to work with Telegram’s inline mode.

How does Inline Mode work?

It’s simple to understand. Users just have to interact with the bot through inline queries from the text input field in chat. They just have to start a message with bot's username and type a query. As soon as, bot received the query, it can send some results. Once, the user taps on that, it will send to the users’ currently opened chat. In this way, users can request content from the bots through channels, groups or chats.

Hire Telegram Bots Developers for Below-listed Telegram Bot Development Services

Porting Telegram Bots to Facebook and Slack

Telegram Bots Maintenance and Support

Telegram Bots development

Custom Telegram Bots Development

Bauen Telegram Developers

Telegram Bot for Android Platform

Telegram Bot for iOS Platform

Telegram Bot for Windows Platform

Telegram bot for Web-version

Telegram bot for PC/Mac/Linux

Get Custom Telegram Bots Development Service from Scratch

The messaging app, Telegram, can be customized according to the business requirements. We are using coding bots for Telegram in Python, JavaScript or PHP. Even, our experienced developer chooses JavaScript (node.js express mongo) to develop bot for Telegram.

Space-O technologies helps their clients to develop customized Telegram bot solution and also integrate into their current communication channels. For example: if you want to develop Telegram Bot like TechCrunch, our expert Telegram Bot developers can do on committed time and at the affordable price.

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