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Need to keep up with the latest trends? ‘Chatbots’ are the new trend of 2016.

Slack takes over newsrooms by inviting News aggregator, Digg to its platform. DiggBot Integration with Slack multiplies user’s productivity by offering them an interesting and engaging selection of curated news, articles, and other related stuff across a number of categories like Internet, Science, Technology, Automation.

The launch of DiggBot is the part of the largest trends through which news and media organizations delivering their news in the messaging-like format.

TechCrunch has also launched TechCrunch bots on Facebook Messenger for personalized news recommendations. With TechCrunch bot, users can get links to the top of the topics and stories. It allows subscribing different topics, authors, or sections.

Inspired in part by mobile users’ preferences for short-form content consumption and the popularity of messaging apps, the idea with bot development is to bring the news to the places where users spend the majority of their time on mobile: messaging apps.

The idea of Bots is to provide instant information through the place, where users are spending their majority of the time, i.e. messaging application. Digg also brings popular articles for its users in messaging and communication applications with Slack, so that people don’t have to visit Digg’s homepage directly.

How Does Diggbot Work?

To use Diggbot website, just visit Digbot website and click the link to add the Slackbot to the Slack account.

Once it is running, “ask it” to do anything using simple commands like give a list of top trending stories for any domain, the most recent Digg Edition of curated news stories, and many.


Here’s a list of commands DiggBot understands:

/digg madness – Gives you live scores and news from the NCAA Tournament FOR A LIMITED TIME
/digg – Gets a cool, fresh link. Simple.
/digg (keyword) – Search content by keyword
/digg (domain) – See top trending stories for a domain (e.g. “/digg nytimes.com”)
/digg trending – Get a list of stories that are trending on the internet
/digg trending (on/off) – Turn trending alerts on and off (about 3–5 a day)
/digg edition – See the most recent Digg Edition, a curated package of news, videos, and interesting stories.
/digg edition (on/off) – Turn Daily Edition delivery on and off (once a day, in the AM)
/digg fun – Gets you something… fun

Digg brings the best stuff with Diggbot that users will genuinely care about. More than 10 million RSS feeds are already aggregated by Digg from virtually all publishers and gathering around 200 million tweets daily, among them 40 million includes links. It’s algorithms process of all these links in real-time, and after that, its team chooses the best content to serve its users.

DiggBot Available for Slack’s Communications Platform, But Soon Arrive on Other Messaging Services like Facebook Messenger

According to the TechCrunch news, Diggbot is soon available on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. We have the ability to develop custom bots like Digg for every messaging platform.

Bauen Chatbots developers to develop custom chatbot for Slack, Facebook Messenger or Telegram according to your business requirements. We are developing a specific bot for HR survey, eCommerce business, listen to company’s mascot voice or to post pictures of it, whenever someone mentions his/her name.


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