Why Founders Hire Mobile App Developers from Upwork

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Whether you’re an organization, a small business owner, or someone with a startup idea in mind, sometimes there comes a time when you have to learn to do the job by yourself or hire a full-time employee or you think that you need mobile app developer to hire.

But, there is another option.

A better option – hiring a freelance developer.

Freelancers are those who can help to fill the gap you may have in terms of talent or get the job done which you cannot do by yourself. Freelance iOS developers are in much demand these days.

In this day and age, freelancing has become a new norm of work. Millions of people use Upwork for their online tasks, and to earn money by providing their services online.

For those who don’t know from where and how to hire a mobile app developer, Upwork is a popular freelance platform which connects millions of freelance professionals with jobs all around the world. This platform is best for independent contractors to find work, and for companies to find talented freelancers.

Today, the majority of people prefer Upwork to hire qualified professionals at affordable costs. Be it website design, content writing, UI/UX design, or mobile app development, there are all sorts of independent contractors available on Upwork.

In fact, Upwork has now become a huge talent pool for lots of specific skills. But still, people have doubts on the Upwork platform.

Now, of course, it takes a degree of trust to build a professional relationship with someone in the business. But, with Upwork, it has now become comparatively easier to find and hire trustable talents from overseas.

The reason is, Upwork offers many benefits that help to find quality freelancers to get the job done.

As you probably know, mobile apps are on the rise nowadays. In the past ten years, it is difficult to imagine any invention that has evolved as much as a smartphone. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without them.

Mobile apps have become the essential tools in our daily function of life and are increasing in popularity everyday. In fact, the Apple App Store has close to 2 millions of these apps while the Google Play Store has over 2.6 million mobile apps.

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What’s more?

Well, Gartner predicts that over 268 billion mobile app downloads will generate $77 billion of income in 2017, which was $58 billion in 2017.

Due to this, many Entrepreneurs are turning to create a mobile app with their idea. But while doing so, many of them get stuck in the dilemma of finding the best mobile app developers.

But now, there is no need to worry about, because Upwork can help to find the right talent for all your online projects.

Benefits of Hiring Mobile App Developers From Upwork

You get expert mobile app developers you can trust at your disposal:

There are probably over hundreds of thousands of mobile application developers around the world of mobile apps, who are ready to work. You can hire anyone, with any kind of talent you want.

On Upwork, more than 1 million hours are billed by talented freelancers around the world in any given week. This means, there’s a good a chance you can connect with someone with the skillsets you need. In addition, you can use search filters to narrow results as well as skills and feedback on past projects to find the right mobile app developer for your app.

You have the flexibility to scale up or down as per your requirements:

Hiring full-time mobile app developers bring a lot of additional commitments. But, with Upwork, you can hire a mobile app developer depending on your app requirements. In fact, you can add or subtract people from your team as per the requirements which are highly beneficial if you’re a startup.

You decide timeframe and the budget:

With Upwork, you’re the boss. You can hire an app developer according to the rates and budget you can afford. This is a great benefit if you can only afford additional talent for specific requirements such as integrating Google Maps API or adding payment gateway.

You get access to a wider pool of talent:

Hiring app developers from Upwork will ultimately give you access to fresh talent and ideas. This can give you much more innovation. When you hire from different parts of the world, you can expect to have unconventional results that stand out.

You get peace of mind through Upwork payment protection:

Both fixed price and hourly contracts can qualify for Upwork Payment Protection. It is a program that ensure freelancers are paid in a timely way for the work they’ve done for their clients while also protecting them.

For hourly projects, you can keep your budget in check with the help of billing limits. Also, the work diary helps you confirm that you’re paying your hired freelancer for time spent actively working on your project.

And, for fixed-price projects, funds are put into escrow. So, once your freelancer completes the work and you’re satisfied with the work, you can release the payment.

Easy Dispute Resolution:

There may come a time where a dispute arises. For such rare cases, Upwork offers dispute resolution service to solve any differences.

This dispute resolution service is like insurance. You hope to never use it, but it is always there reassuring you that you have something to back you up if something does go wrong in a contract.

And due to all these reasons, founders often prefer to hire app developers from Upwork.

As a matter of fact, we’ve worked with many clients from all around the world and helped them with their mobile app development projects.

So far, we’ve completed 700+ jobs on Upwork for various types of mobile application projects and earned the “Top Rated” badge on Upwork.

hire mobile app developers upwork

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From small businesses to the enterprise level organization, we’ve worked with many sorts of mobile app projects.

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