How to Hire Ethereum Developers For Building Decentralized Apps

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The latest trend of Bitcoin and Blockchain development has taken over the business world these days. Today, many big businesses have caught on to the capabilities, applications, and features of Blockchain Technology. Due to this, Blockchain development has been changed from just a passionate project to a well-paid career option for technology enthusiasts.

Today, the rapid growth of Blockchain has created skill shortage in the market as the demand for expert blockchain developers has outstripped the number of talented individuals who can undertake the blockchain project companies are working on.

And because of this, it has become extremely difficult for many businesses to find the right blockchain developer for their requirements.

Before the trend emerged, Blockchain Technology was only explored by a small community, but now businesses have to explore many places in order to find the best full stack developers for Blockchain development.

One such example is of VISA

Visa, the international credit card and banking institution, is actively looking for Blockchain developers to add to their tech engineering teams. While it’s no surprise, especially the explosion of interest in the Blockchain technology over the past year.

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In fact, VISA is actively looking for such Blockchain developers on different job portals including SmartRecruiters.

Apart from this, many companies doing the same to find the right candidate.

How to Identify The Right Candidate and Hire Ethereum Developers For Your Project?

“You Need to Know What You Are Looking For”

There are a number of factors that will affect what kind of Ethereum developers you’ll hire, for example – the type of project, number of people you need, project length, do you need to hire ethereum developers who are expert at what they do, or just enthusiastic individuals.

Sometimes, it’s even better to hire Ethereum developers from a blockchain apps development company. By doing so, you can focus more on your company’s core services. And as you already saw, even giant companies like VISA haven’t been able to find a good fit for their team. So, hiring Ethereum Developers from a blockchain development company is the most viable option these days.

Moreover, traditional job posting won’t work for finding Ethereum experts. And please be wary of the so called “experts” on LinkedIn.

To identify the right candidate, you need to check the skillsets like below:

  • Experience in Javascript, Node JS, GoLang, Mean Stack, jQuery, Angular 2.
  • Working understanding of Ethereum development platform.
  • Ability to write high-quality code running on Ethereum platform.
  • Experience in writing smart contracts and digital tokens.
  • Candidate must have worked with Bitcoin or Ethereum Blockchain, and has the experience in Solidity, Serpent, and Clojure.

In fact, these were our skill requirements when we were in the hiring process for Blockchain developers at Space-O Technologies. Today, we’ve formed experienced team of expert blockchain consultant and blockchain developers having all of the above capabilities.

And apart from this, candidate having following desired skills is a plus.

  • Experience of writing Javascript, HTML5, and CSS code.
  • Hands-on experience on API integration.
  • Candidate should have knowledge about common algorithms and Design patterns.

These are the main skillsets required to build a decentralized application.

Although, you may probably know that blockchain technology is most commonly associated with Bitcoin, but there are many uses of Blockchain beyond Bitcoin. For example, Decentralized Applications!

What is Dapp (Decentralized Applications)?

The concept of decentralized applications, or dapps for short, is one of the novel ideas which is about to emerge from the blockchain community.

The decentralized apps (similar to bitcoin) are a new kind of programs which are created in a way that is not controlled by an individual. However, unlike bitcoin, which is a decentralized value exchange, a decentralized application is aimed to achieve functionalities beyond just transactions.

Armed with smart contracts, decentralized apps have envisioned ways to eliminate everything that demands a centralized leadership, from startups to businesses, enterprises, and governments.

We, at Space-O, are constantly experimenting and applying the same principles to a variety of online services to build it in the dapp format. Moreover, the decentralized apps are growing in a number of ways. The decentralized blockchain of Ethereum platform and its native currency Ether are the most widely used tools to build decentralized apps.

But wait a second…

Aren’t we missing an important question here?

The question which most startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs have in common these days?

Recently, we received an email from a small fintech startup based in U.S. regarding decentralized apps and blockchain technology.

His exact question was: What can you do with a decentralized application?

To answer his question and give you better understanding, we’ve picked out few interesting projects which are recently being developed using Ethereum development platform.

KYC-Chain: It allows users to create and maintain a private “Identity wallet” which can be useful to authenticate their identification in legal and finance.

4G Capital: 4G Capital provides an instant access and provides micro loans for small businesses in Africa by using Self executing Smart Contracts.

WeiFund: WeiFund basically provides a crowdfunding solution using Ethereum development platform. It also uses smart contracts to enhance popular crowdfunding services including KickStarter and GoFundMe.

These projects are just few examples of Decentralized Applications and they only represent a tiny portion of existing and potential capabilities of Dapps.

Now, if you’re also trying to get ahead of the latest innovation curve and build blockchain based decentralized apps or capabilities, you might already know how difficult is it to find blockchain developers.

But this is where we come in.

How Space-O Can Help You Build Decentralized Apps?

Whether you’re a startup, Entrepreneur, small business owner, or an Enterprise, Space-O Technologies can help you leverage the benefits of Blockchain Technology and Ethereum Development Platform. Our expert Blockchain consultant can guide you through the possible scenarios for your Blockchain project for the growth of your project.

At Space-O, we’ve already adopted the blockchain technology in different applications. Our dedicated app developers are currently focusing on different blockchain development platforms such as Ethereum, OpenChain, and Eris to build different kinds of decentralized applications using Python, GoLang, Typescript, Angular 2, Ionic 2, and Node JS.

For more information, fill out our Contact Us form and our Blockchain consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.

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