Hire Chatbot Freelancers to Develop Bot for Facebook, Slack, and Telegram

Everyone is talking about the bot.

2016 is, undoubtedly, the year of the chatbot.

Small companies with less investment are investing in bot development to handle customer interactions, help fulfill requests, and make a recommendation, while large enterprises promote their brands with bot development.

The rise of artificial intelligence indicates the digital experience is developing, and brands want to stay ahead adopting these new technologies. Beyond the IoT, many brands are adopting bot development – a new type of media. Bots expand a company’s reach to new customers and networks and absorb insights about customer behaviors and requirements.

Being trendy at the moment, Chatbots are the futures and many startups and big enterprise built bots on the top of Telegram, Messenger, and Slack. Tara is the best example. A Web-based chatbot, Tara helps small businesses to get jobs done that need freelance contractors for developing application or website, designing logos and writing contents.

Tara understands what user wants and it chats you through particular requirements. After some minutes, you will get a quote for the work and assigned a contractor to do the job.

See Short Conversation of Tara:

Tara Bot

Is Hiring Facebook Messenger Chatbot Freelancer a Good Option?

Of Course.

We all know chatbots are taking full control of a profile or an account on a social media application or a messenger. It automatically responds to users’ messages with customized reply. Bots are answering to the users’ queries on the questions asked by analyzing keywords and processing natural conversational phrases. Bots are intelligent so, it would be great to hire Facebook Messenger Chatbot Freelancer to develop bots for your brands. In addition to, there are many advantages to adopting bot for your business such as:

Empowering Customer Service

Many people have started purchasing goods/products online, as they don’t want to visit a store and interact with any humans. It is one of the best ways to get what they are looking for.

Sometimes, when orders or processes go twisted, there are businesses handling customer service the way we have done it through phone, and email. Here, the problem is thousands of requests go unanswered and thus, it decrease in sales.

Having chatbot answers these questions 24*7/365 – accurately without becoming tired or irritated. People also prefer text-based communication and also, hate waiting on the phone. It’s winning situation for a customer, if brands using bots to provide information, understand the context and anticipate requirements.

Ease Purchasing Process

Have you ever wanted to purchase something you saw on Facebook, but don’t feel like exploring website or an application? People do.

A social media chatbot helps brands to sell things like Clothes, footwear, food or other things with ease. Social networks are the engaging place, where customers get more priority. On other side, brands marketing to the people, who are looking for personalized things like insurance or medical services.

Retailers and brands are connected with consumers in a personal way through chatbots and messenger application. AI-powered chatbots will read messages, check purchase behavior and browse history and therefore, provides users curated products.

For example-

  • Domino’s allows users to skip the application when placing pizza orders through social media.
  • Taco Bell has also released its own bot for placing an order through social conversation.

Offering Personal Assistance

Chatbot provides personal assistance to the users by allows them to book travel, explore sales leads, deliver documents, onboard employees, or resolve technical challenges. Users can also add bots like X.ai to email threads to lead back-and-forth conversations to manage, schedule, and alert others to a team meeting.

Bots can be anywhere – smartphone, workstation, tablet or computer. Interacting with bots could feel natural like talking to the personal assistance. People are searching data on search engines like Yahoo or Google are moving to bots to get answers in a real-time. Even, chatbots are able to manage many of the routine tasks – from booking movie tickets to dinner reservations. And, bot development companies like Space-O are using advanced technology to ease more complex automation.

Things You Know Before Hiring Chatbot Freelancers

Have you made your mind hire freelancer to Build Bot for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Slack? Before developing a bot for your business/brands, ensure to know your audience. You have to identify the messaging platform that provides more value proposition and demographic than other. identifying target audience makes bot development easier.

After that, search a neutral partner, who help you to develop a plan and theme, aligning with the campaign goal and KPIs. If you want, you can hire bot developer from experienced bot development company. You should also make that you have to ability to get a real-time glimpse of how campaigns are performing. Real-time analytics are difficult to the success of releasing a chatbot. The difficult indicators help you to make bot better and lead to long-term success for your brand.

Bots will, undoubtedly, save huge time for simple tasks and personal-consumption activities. AI has already made new expectations in the workplace with real-time feedback, innovative workflow solution, and guidance. Moreover, the right balance of human and bot will certainly be different for every company, and there are variables included.

Why Hire Freelance Chatbot Developers from Space-O?

Nevertheless, Space-O Technologies develops an intelligence mix of technology and humans. We create the future of digital business – developing it in a way that makes customers happy.

We have experience in designing and building bots for Slack, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. Our Chatbot Freelancers are developing simple chatbots to more functional bot using AI features.

We love to work on innovative ideas and bringing unique concept in everyone’s life with latest technologies. Having huge experience in chatbot development, we are designing good and interactive conversational flows of the bot. We have expertise in providing a list of bot development services like

  • Bots Maintenance and Support Service
  • Porting Bots from One Messaging platform to others
  • Custom Bot Development
  • Bauen bot Developers
  • Bot for Android, iOS, Windows, Web-version and PC/Mac/Linux

Today’s artificial intelligence technology connected with the growth and amplified the use of a messaging application. We help diverse industries to expand their businesses by launching their own chat bots and be the part of a mobile messaging revolution.


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