Key Benefits of Blockchain Technology

  • Data-driven Decisions


    If you want to change any information stored on blockchain server, you would need a huge amount of computing power to make those changes. Moreover, the information on Blockchain are stored within network as a whole. This means, the changes can only be made if the majority of network agrees to change the information, Making Blockchain technology as most transparent.

  • Data-driven Decisions


    When you think of accountability, Blockchain is the latest technology that you can rely on today. The concept of Blockchain Technology is so well, providing zero errors in mechanism. In fact, every transaction you make in Blockchain, can only be altered when a number of computers in a network agrees to it.

  • Data-driven Decisions


    Basically, the Blockchain Technology stores blocks of information which are chronologically synchronized. And these blocks cannot be controlled by an individual, making Blockchain technology highly secure to operate. In fact, there is no single point of failure, meaning security is guaranteed. For example, if two parties agree to share a common record in the Blockchain network, an individual cannot tamper with your record, unless the entire network agrees to change it. Moreover, even if data is lost at one point, it can be re-copied from other locations stored in the network.

  • Data-driven Decisions

    Decentralized Technology

    IDecentralized technology operates on peer-to-peer basis. For example, today the stock brokers highly relies on Blockchain technology to help them keep records of money transactions, land registry, and similar information in a safe block.

These 3 Sectors Must Hire Blockchain Consultant

Consultant finance


The Blockchain Technology can revolutionise money transfer business by allowing to avoid financial errors. In Blockchain, the transactions are done without central authority, so it creates a direct payment flow between operation participants from anywhere in the world. In fact, transactions in Blockchain are carried out with minimum commission and at a very high speed.

Many innovations can be brought to finance industry with Blockchain technology. For instance, a Blockchain startup called Abra has already created a digital wallet app, using Bitcoin currency.

Consultant banking


Today, the blockchain technology is taking the banking industry by storm. If banking industry is fully adopting this high-end technology, it will allow banks to process payments more instantly and securely. It will also reduce the transaction processing costs and the need for exceptions.

As banks process tons of transactions every single day; therefore, banking is the main industry industries to transform the most from this high-end technology.

Consultant healthcare


Healthcare is another industry which can benefit greatly by using Blockchain technology. It can help to ensure the safety of important documents, clinical records, and doctor reports by allowing to track each transaction.

Recently, a healthcare startup named as Guardtime specializing in data protection has entered into partnership with Estonian eHealth Foundation to create and use blockchain based system to maintain millions of medical records safely.

Top Development Platforms for Blockchain Technologies

Fitness mobile app


Ethereum development platform is mainly used to build an app using blockchain technology that run exactly as programmed,
without any downtime, fraud, or third-party interference.


  • Smart wallet & Smart money
  • Democratic autonomous organization
  • Design and issue your own cryptocurrency

Fitness mobile app


OpenChain is another distributed ledger technology suited best for companies wishing to issue and manage digital assets
in a secure, robust, and scalable way.


  • Immunable
  • Decentralized
  • Secured
  • Standalone
  • Unified API
  • Real time

Fitness mobile app


Eris is the most ideal development platform to build an application using blockchain technology. A freelance blockchain developer
can use Eris to build a secure, low-cost, and run anywhere app using Blockchain technology.


  • Chains: you can develop permissioned chains
  • Contracts: Eris provides a smart contract tool
  • Actions: each action in Eris is step-by-step

Our Mobile App Development Services

Today, the Blockchain technology is so well-spread that it is not only a network for safe transactions and data security, but it can also execute programs. These programs are known as smart contracts, which can be defined as a promise that both signing parties agree on specific terms written in the contract itself.

To give you a simple example, assume that you want to rent an apartment, so the loaner will ask you to pay a deposit before you move in. Here, instead of depending on notaries, you can both write and sign a smart contract, including mutually discussed terms about deposits and apartment. So if any event occurs where the terms aren’t being respected, the money will be returned to the legitimate owner directly, without any need of lawyers.

In simple terms, Blockchain eliminates all intermediaries needed in order to build trust.

That being said, let’s now look at the best blockchain developer tools that we use at Space-O.

Coinbase’s API

This tool helps us to enable a wide range of capabilities from gathering read-only data to building innovative decentralized apps. In fact, Coinbase’s API also offers several client libraries and mobile SDKs which are quite useful to develop an app over the Blockchain.

BaaS: Blockchain as A Service by Microsoft

Baas, or Blockchain as a service, was created by Microsoft Azure for expert blockchain developers to build decentralized Apps (dapps) in a safe environment. BaaS was actually created with the main goal of enabling the backend capabilities needed by Blockchain Technology so that you can launch the blockchain with just couple of clicks.


Tieron is a one such Bitcoin developer tool that enables to create a verifiable database of any data on Blockchain technology with its API to add data to the distributed ledger. In fact, Tieron has built an open standard known as Chainpoint to store data and generate receipts containing information needed to verify the data without depending on third-parties.


Mist is for Ethereum developer to store Ether and send transactions, in addition to deploying smart contracts. However, to execute your own smart contract, you’ll have to spend some Ether, as the fuel to run it on the Ethereum networks.

Why Hire Blockchain Developer from Space-O?

We, at Space-O, have been following the Blockchain-focused ecosystem for a while now. In fact, we have recently build a blockchain application called Track Coins using Blockchain Technology. Our blockchain app developer can build blockchain app with public as well as private cryptocurrencies on different Blockchain application development platforms using Python, GoLang, C, C++, Ruby, Typescript, Ionic2, Angular2, and Node JS programming languages.

Free Expert Consultation Limited or No No Yes
NDA Yes Yes Yes
Project Success Ratio Depends 90-100% 99% on Upwork
Project Failure Risk High 70-100% Very Low
Expert Suggesstions No No Yes
Domain Expertise Limited Broad Broad
Pricing Hourly or Fixed Price Fixed Price Dedicated, Hourly,
Fixed Price, On-site
Central Point of Contact No Yes Yes
Communication Depends Good Expert Customer
Escalation Policy No Yes Yes
Coding Standards Depends 100% reusable 100% reusable
Mobile App Testing No Yes Yes
Maintenance & Support Depends Yes 90 days free support
Liability & Commitment Uncertain 100% 100%

Being a leading mobile app development company, we’ve formed the best team of Blockchain developer and Blockchain consultant that helps us build Blockchain applications. Our Blockchain app development team uses latest collection of technologies and platforms to provide best possible results.

Being one of the Blockchain app development company, we provide solutions for Blockchain-as-a-service, Open source Blockchain, Blockchain Application Development, Mobile Wallets, and more to help you enhance your businesses by blending best available technology.

What Makes Space-O The Right Blockchain Application Development Company?

If you’re trying to rise above from competition and build blockchain apps or capabilities for your business or projects, Space-O can take on your challenging project and deliver it within decided timeframe.

Our team of blockchain experts can guide you in identifying opportunities for decentralized apps, smart contracts, and asset management to suit your business requirements and goals.

Space-O Technologies is a leading service provider in Mobile App Design & Development, including iOS 11 App Development, Augmented Reality Apps Development, and Blockchain Development. We have the experience required for building web-based and mobile-based blockchain applications to improve your content distribution through a highly secured network. We’re armed with hands-on experience and applied knowledge of developing decentralized ethereum apps and smart contracts.

If you’ve an idea for blockchain app or curious to know how you can enhance your business using Blockchain Technology, fill out Contact Us form and our expert blockchain consultant will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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