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Mobile phones are becoming smarter second after second. But Apple's vision for the growth of technology does not end there. The focus has shifted a bit from the smartphones to the Apple Watch and from the Apple Watch to the Apple TV.

Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, introduced the new Apple TV, and on such a proud and highlighted occasion he did not forget to mention, that “The future of TV is apps.” And that to run all these apps, which are very important to Apple, a new Operating System has been developed for the Apple TV called the tvOS.

The Apple TV

The first and second generation Apple TV, was made purely for the purpose of enjoying the TV. Having some basic channels for video streaming such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO, WatchESPN, and iTunes, it basically fulfilled all the functionalities of a TV.

The Bright Future of Television

Generation 3 Apple TV may not have a redesigned look, but it does have a redesigned purpose, in making TV, an app friendly venture. The Generation 3 of Apple TV has brought with itself the first ever, tvOS. The tvOS will help third party developers and third party apps a place in the Apple TV, which now also has an App Store. This change is the first step towards apps leveraging the future of Television.

What defines Apple’s tvOS?

tvOS is jam-packed with surprises and as if in the technical world, Christmas has come early. Siri, in an extensive way, is what we call an almost real, personal assistant which can find and play any episode from any serial or a movie, even if you just mention the actor’s name. On the other hand, is the famous Apple TV remote, that now has a touch pad to make sliding and swiping through options easy.

iOS and tvOS work together

Like the first phase of Apple watchOS, native SDK is not granted for tvOS just yet. To make your app an integral part of the tvOS, you must first have an iOS app which is then made compatible with the Apple tvOS by software developers. The great news is that the users will only need to buy the app once, and that can give them universal access to the app, across all the Apple devices.

Which companies have already hired software programmers for Apple tvOS app development?

Who wants to miss a chance of airing their apps on the App Store for the Apple TV after all! And some competitive companies, have already started working on the project of making an app for tvOS. They are Airbnb and Zillow and games like Cross Road and a game from the Rayman series. VLC and Plex Apps are also coming to new Apple tvOS.

Outsource your app development for Apple tvOS?

Making your app popular is our job and we know how to do it well, whether creating it for different platforms like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV. And knowing the new possibilities that Apple TV has brought in, we have already started to train our developers, making them more acquainted with the techniques and tools of the new age. The training has already kicked in, and tools like tvOS beta version, tvOS SDK beta, Parallax Previewer beta, Xcode with tvOS SDK, Developer Library, Developer Forums have already been downloaded.

What are the possibilities we offer, if you Hire Apple tvOS Developers from Space-O?

Here are the three possible services that we offer, if you hire app developers from us:

  • You already have an iPhone app and you want to make your iPhone App Compatible to the tvOS.
  • You want to make a brand new app for iphone and tvOS both.
  • You already have an iPhone app but you want to redesign it and affiliate the new app with the Apple TV.

Do you want to create an Apple tvOS app? Here is where you start.

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