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It is an open secret that Android basks in the glory of diversity. But, it has its own price to pay. And, every Android developer needs to know it by heart. So, if you are planning to hire an Android application developer for your Android application development, make sure that you do check what she considers about the diversity of Android and how she deals with it.

Let us see some of the ideal elements of the answer that your Android app developer may give you. Consider that Android app developer for hire immediately without hesitation.

At the heart of the matter of any Android app is to make the application experience consistent and pleasant. In order to do so, every Android programmer needs to know basic principles of Android per se that include home screen UX, global device navigation and notifications.

Use of various screens in Android application development

There are three types of screens available within Android application development. They include home screen, all apps screen, and recent screen.

Home screen is a space that Android app developers can get customized. It houses some of the fantastic shortcuts, folders and widgets. They are there to use to the optimum and make the application pleasant for users. The other two screens are for the comfort of users. You need to hire Android application programmer who knows the purpose of all these screens.

Strategies to cope up with diversity

When you hire Android application developer, do listen what she thinks of optimizing layouts to make a stunning app. When you are developing an app for Android device which is larger, you need to take full advantage of extra screen provided by the device. To dish out the best user experience on larger screens, Android developers need to create compound views that can show more content and make the navigation easier. To make that app on all screens, the best way would be to provide different screen densities so that app can function smoothly and pleasantly for all.

An expert Android developer however knows that it is not just enough to create an app which is compatible to all Android sizes. And, therefore she cares to study hard guidelines provided by Android.

Some of the generic guidelines include:

  • Not to use absolute pixels to define sizes and distances
  • Instead of using absolute sizes and distances, Android developers need to use either dp or sp, both density-independent pixel and scale-independent pixel respectively
  • In order to develop an Android app that is of a better graphical quality and performance on all screen densities, an expert Android app developer always provides clients with bitmap resources which are customized as per the density which can be low, medium, high and extra-high

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Have some general idea of the ideal Android app developer, and you will be able to make a better decision in your pursuit to hire Android app developer. It is always good to know before making any decision.

Should you need any help in your decision-making process to hire Android app developer, do not hesitate to get in touch with Space-O anytime.


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