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Struggling with Bad Habits? Try this Amazingly Simple Health App to Boost your Energy

Productivity is often hampered by habits, which have been a part of your routine for long.

The ability of your brain to reflect, ponder and then choose to act is one of the best feats, but there are times when your brain stops involving itself in the decision making process.

Many complex actions are taken without consulting the brain i.e. you are on an auto-pilot.

Let’s say you are learning a new language. Initially, you may face a lot of trouble and would require the brain to participate in the learning. Eventually, it becomes a habit that has emerged from practice, and the language comes automatically to you.

With time, this habit is your new routine, and to change the pattern you need to overcome this routine.

When you say habit, there is always a good and a bad side to habits. It is an equal amount of struggle to forego a habit as it is to form a habit.

When you form a habit, either bad or good, you are actually causing neurological cravings that can make the routine powerful and intense for your being.

Unleash the Power of Habits

Let’s understand the habit loop before we can begin with harnessing its power.

The cue is the first part of your habit loop. This cue initiates the automatic behavior we have been talking about. Once the cue is set, the next part of the loop is formed by the routine. When the cue becomes a part of your routine, you have given way to a habit.

If you are rewarded positively by this habit, your brain stores it for future use. The example of language learning is indeed a positive habit, which the brain stores for future use.

Marketers can actually harness the power of these positive habits to trigger the consumer and make them choose the product. Advertising works on the habit principle; it makes people give up certain bad habits or proceed with the good habits with their products.

The reward is an important part, which the advertisers have figured out, to continue with the habit. In fact, according to the people habits can be used to sell products or transform enterprises. Changing a single pattern of habit can help you unlock many patterns into the consumer’s life or from within the enterprise.

How Fabulous Helps Build Habits?

Your brain should be in sync with the habits. To improve your productivity, you need to kick-start good habits.

This is where the health and fitness app Motivate Me: Fabulous comes to your help. With a step by step guide, you can coach the self to achieve the productivity and health goals desired by you. It does not track your habits but motivates you being happy. With this app by your side, you can take diet and health goals to a new level. This is a new addition to mobile health apps, which takes care of your health and diet needs, and makes you more productive.


Check How to break habits (The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg)

Watch this short video by Charles Duhigg.

Forming Habits with Fabulous

Habit tracking apps are growing popular in the recent times, with their extensive features and strengths to help improve productivity.

With Fabulous, you are set forth on a journey towards building positive habits that become a part of your routine and reward you in a better way. It helps you become more focused, sleep on time, and get fit. This is one of the many apps to improve your health.

If you struggle to wake up in the morning or you are unable to keep up with your exercises, this is the only health app that helps release the habit of procrastination and become more proactive. It uses science with brain coaching to achieve productivity.

If you want to develop an app like Fabulous or better than that, we have few features of health and fitness apps for iPhone and android to discuss with you, we know that only having an idea won’t work but we are the app development executors and we love this part. let’s get in touch to work on health and fitness app development solution through the power of habit.

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