7 Benefits of Healthcare Mobility


Mobile technology can benefit us in profound ways improving the quality of lives we lead. Here in case of healthcare industry mobility can greatly contribute in improving patient care as well as reducing operational costs. However these are not the only advantages related with healthcare mobility, you can read about a few more which are as follows:

  1. Treatment compliance for chronic disease like Tuberculosis can be improved by 30 to 70 per cent.
  2. 1/4th of the elderly care costs can be reduced with mobile healthcare.
  3. Healthcare mobility also contributes in reducing costs related to data collection by nearly 24 percent.
  4. Each doctor can reach twice as many rural patients with healthcare mobility.
  5. Implementation of healthcare mobility can curtail maternal and perinatal mortality by 30 percent.
  6. Patient & Staff Safety can be improved using Wi-Fi Real Time Location System (RTLS) particularly for psychiatric, trauma and elderly patients who are more likely to cause risk for themselves by wandering or leaving their hospital bed. Further cost associated with loss of medical equipment, like wheel chairs, infusion pumps, computers-on-wheels, etc. can be reduced.
  7. Healthcare mobility can better communication with patients and increase awareness about health issues in general public. For example, an initiative in Uganda sent out an SMS quiz on HIV awareness, which resulted in a 40% increase in people requesting free HIV/AIDS testing.

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Some of the above mentioned information is sourced from the key findings of “Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth” study and Mobile Health White Paper published by GSM Association.

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