How New York-based AI-Powered Healthcare App, K Health, Has Nabbed $25M in Series B Round of Funding With These 3 Powerful Solutions


This post includes information for healthcare startups and entrepreneurs. Herein rounded up three powerful solutions from K Health app, which you can consider while AI-powered healthcare app development.

The healthcare industry is growing at a fast pace. And, the global healthcare market is expected to grow to $11801 billion by 2021 with an attractive compound annual growth rate (CAGR), according to the report from PR Newswire. Furthermore, as per another report from Statista, “In 2024, the total medical technology revenue globally is expected to be approximately 600 billion U.S. dollars.” This is what you can see in this image.


Meanwhile, we came across one news, which is based on one of the AI-powered healthcare apps, K Health, empowering people to control their health. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “The healthcare startup, K Health, has secured $25 million in Series B round of funding, led by 14W and Comcast Ventures.”


K Health: AI-powered Healthcare App

Launched back in 2016, K Health is healthcare startup, which has built its HIPAA compliant AI health app, which is 100% fueled by data, and empowering app users worldwide in order to take total control of their health. K Health app claims to offer an easy-to-use app, which can provide accurate, personalized, and data-driven information regarding their symptoms and health.

K Health provides an online platform that focuses on primary care and effectively looks in order to perform a simulation and data-driven version of differential diagnosis procedure. K Health is a HIPAA compliant app, which keeps the patient’s information secure.


Image Source: KHealth

  • On 17th July 2018, K Health app secured $12.5 million in Venture round of funding. And, in the same year, this healthcare app has secured another round of funding in Series B.
  • If we’re shedding some light on the performance of K Health app across the App Stores, according to the latest report from SimilarWeb, “The Google Play rank of K Health app is #18. And, the graph is going constantly upward.” In short, it shows that the graph of the performance of the app is moving upward.


  • In addition, the Apple App Store rank of K Health app is #149 in the health and fitness category.

Moving ahead, let’s check out these three powerful solutions from K Health app to consider during healthcare apps development.

3 Powerful Solutions to Consider While Developing a Successful AI-powered Healthcare App like K Health

1. Provide Efficiency & Effortlessness for both Patients and Physicians

One of the pivotal solutions is to think about both your customers and physicians. It means that you need to think for both your app users i.e. physicians and patients. Now, the thing is that how you can think about your users and provide information for what they are looking for. With an accurate at-home diagnostic information, your app users are able to make better preventive health decisions, avoid costly, and unwanted appointments with doctors when patients do opt for in-person consultations.


Image Source: K heath

Well, healthcare app like K Health does not only provide solutions to patients or app users, but it also provides effectual solutions to physicians. Such healthcare apps or mHealth (mobile health) apps do not work to replace the physicians or docs, but it provides tremendous opportunities to physicians in terms of providing an online platform to serve customers. Both convenience and effortlessness are the foundations of any app’s success.

If you are planning to create a healthcare app, then all you need to launch in-app capabilities, which allow your app users to share their AI-driven health conversations directly with doctors. In this way, doctors or app users can be able to provide more informed treatment.

2. Provide Solutions With The Fusion of Accessibility & Affordability to Enhance Global Health Consequences

The next essential solution is all about to provide something, which your users or consumers have never found in the healthcare industry. In short, you need to accumulate their pain points on which they have been suffering from. These problems may be lacking in accessibility, and not getting treatment at affordable costs.


All you just need to provide one of the effective solutions by reducing primary care costs for consumers and operating costs for medical practices, along with creating a more convenient diagnostic experience. For better health outcomes, you need to consider to deliver such solution that they have been looking for.

3. Book Same-Day Appointments With Physicians

Talking about one of the difficult tasks, which people avoid the most when they get sick is to book the appointments. With the app for healthcare, users or patients can book same-day appointments.


To book the same-day appointment with doctors, make sure to provide convenience to your users or patients. Well, by considering such convenient solution, you can easily grab the attention of consumers at a greater extent. If the patient or user wants to see the doctor, the user needs to share his/her K report and book the same-day appointment with a nearby doctor.

What’s Next?

Being a healthcare startup, if you are planning to create an online platform for patients-doctors benefits or an AI-driven healthcare platform, then you need to consider such solutions while developing mhealth or healthcare apps like K Health.

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