Planning to Create Healthcare Apps? 3 Booming App Categories to Watch Out in Healthtech Sector


This blog includes information for healthtech startups and entrepreneurs. Curated three booming mobile app categories, which you need to watch out in the healthcare sector. Let’s check out what’s inside?

To give solutions to big problems is the kind of opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs to invest and open up new ways in terms of businesses. Talking about health care niche, the industry has seen significant growth from the past few years. And, for both entrepreneurs and investors, there are big opportunities to invest in. Before jumping to the main section of this post, let us start with some few important stats and know the hot regions in the healthcare niche.

  • According to the report from Statista, “The mobile health market is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 across the world.”
  • Additionally, mobile health is experiencing a growth as consumers demand more access to medical healthcare professionals. Plus, it gives transparency in the healthcare niche. And, that’s why it becomes more important.


Top Hot Regions That Have Seen Significant Growth in Healthtech Sector


Brazilian startups are changing the health market. According to the study by Liga Ventures, “There are 236 Brazilian startups, which are innovating in the health area in some categories in healthcare, including autism, physical and mental well being, nutrition, etc.

According to the recent report from TechCrunch, “Brazil is the new emerging hot sector in healthtech niche.” And, there has been a recent explosion in healthtech startup in Brazil.

Furthermore, as per the study by Liga Venture, “Currently, there are more than 250 health-focused startups in Brazil, which is the world’s seventh-largest health market with more than $42 billion spent annually on private healthcare.”

Latin America

Healthcare industry is a complex market, which connects people and processes between patients, care providers, distributors, and suppliers. Latin America is one of the hot spots in the healthcare sector, which has been experiencing growth over the past few years.

According to the report from Inside Latin America’s Breakout Year in tech, “In 2017, healthtech was the second-fastest growing tech sector in Latin America.” There was a 250% increase in the number of healthtech deals compared to 2016.

If you are one of the healthtech startups, who are planning to create mHealth (mobile health) apps, then you need to check out these three mobile app categories in the healthcare niche, which are in trend.

mobile-health-app-developmentImage Source: doctor on demand

3 Booming App Categories in Healthcare Niche, Which Startups Need to Watch Out Before Developing mHealth Apps

1. Healthcare On-demand

In the past times, to schedule a single consultation with a doctor, the patient needs to wait weeks or even months to examine himself or herself. However, technology-driven healthcare apps have eliminated such issues. With healthcare on-demand, app users or patients have more access to doctors right from their smartphones with the help of doctor on-demand mobile applications.

So, we live in the era where on-demand is one of the emerging trends. So, how it can not be in the list of the healthcare sector. Healthcare on-demand is the app category which is on the upswing and great in demand among app users or patients.

Healthcare on-demand apps provide the online platform for the fast, convenient and frictionless communication between patients and doctors.

healthcare-app-developmentImage Source: doctorondemand

Hence, we can say that health on-demand apps do miracles for patients by providing solutions in terms of video consultations, which actually work for them. Being a healthtech startup, if you are planning to develop mobile health application, then you can choose health on-demand category, which can be booming.

2. Telehealth (Telemedicine) and mHealth (mobile health)

Telehealth or Telemedicine is another category, which is booming in the healthcare sector. Telemedicine or telehealth is used when referring to traditional clinical diagnosis, which is delivered by technology. The term “telehealth” describes the wide range of diagnosis and management, education and other related fields of health care. It includes counseling, chronic disease monitoring & management. Moreover, telehealth provides a variety of services, which include medical exams and doctor consultations, a remote monitoring system, and psychological counseling.

healthcare-appsImage Source: youper

When it comes to mHealth (mobile health) refers to self-care, it enables its app users to capture its own data without clinician’s assistance.

mHealth or mobile health apps have grown its popularity all over the world, due to internet disease like diabetes and hypertension in the worldwide. mHealth apps, for instance, help users to make better nutrition choices and motivate them to exercise regularly.

Taking another example, mHealth apps provide virtual emotional health assistant, which helps to overcome social anxiety. It also helps app users to re-formulate via patterns and arrives at healthier states of mind.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Analytics

Alike other sectors, the AI (artificial intelligence) and data analytics category have also changed the healthcare sector. AI-powered healthcare apps help from improving the speed of patient diagnosis to managing healthcare costs.

healthcare-apps-2Image Source: projectmotherhoodny

By using machine learning, healthcare apps do wonders in healthtech sector. For instance, there is an AI-powered healthcare startup, Gesto, which uses machine learning to put through and make sense of a lot of data over 4.5 million patients in its database to help select insurance plans which optimize patient care plans, while controlling costs.

There is another Brazil-based startup, Intensicare, which is the largest specialist in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Management, and it uses AI to speed up diagnosis and reduce patient stay time, plus mortality rates.

Wrapping Up

Healthtech is a booming sector and there are huge opportunities in the app categories to flourish in the Healthtech sector. If you as a healthtech startup is trying to create mobile health apps, you can consider these 3 categories that are mentioned.

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