How Klara (Healthtech Startup) Has Secured $11.5 million in Series A Round of Funding with These 3 Powerful Solutions


This blog is for healthtech startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop a secure communication app like Klara. Herein we have rounded up three powerful solutions, which you can consider during healthcare/telemedicine app development.

Undoubtedly, in the healthcare industry, there is a category “healthtech”, which has already made impressive strides forward from the past few years, and it seems that this will flourish in the future.

Talking about the AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, it has majorly impacted the healthcare industry. Healthcare AI startups have seen nearly 500 deals in the last five years.
This is what you can see in the image as it is all about the equity deals to the top 11 AI verticals.


Moreover, it will also be going to heat up in the future.

Health is the Top Industry for AI Equity Deals: Furthermore, healthcare is also one of the top industries for AI equity deals, Q1’13-Q1’18. This is what you can see in the graph.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare Industry: In this image, you can see the market size of AI in healthcare.


Nevertheless, there are some important sections in the healthcare sector, which are still lagging behind. However, there is a health tech startup called Klara that works to improve communication in the healthcare industry. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Klara has raised $11.5 million in Series A round of funding led by FirstMark Capital in order to improve the communication in the healthcare industry.”

Healthtech-app-KlaraImage Source: klara

Klara: A Secure Communication App in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Healthcare

  • Founded in 2013, Klara, Healthcare messaging app,  is a medical communication platform, which improves collaboration, profitability, and patient outcomes in the healthcare sector.
  • In addition, Klara is a HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act) communication platform for healthcare professionals.
  • Klara is a New York-based patient communication app, and it is founded by Simon Bolz and Simon Lorenz.
  • Through the app, healthcare professionals and their team members can easily communicate with their patients. Plus, they can add external providers and other medical partners like pharmacies, labs, and insurance companies to the conversation in order to streamline patient care.
  • It helps to collaborate easily with or refer patients to other practices, medical professionals or pharmacies to give patients or users the continuous care as what they need.
  • The cloud-based messaging app, Klara, is growing rapidly in terms of usage. And, it is projected to take over 60% of New York-metro area healthcare practices and doctors by sending images, text, and files via a secure platform.

3 Powerful Solutions That Healthtech Startups Need to Consider Before Developing Health Tech Apps like Klara

1. Give Solutions to Customers’ Real-Life Problems

According to Klara, the average practice misses around 34% of calls. The missed calls turn into calls back, which turns into the endless game of phone calls. And, these back-and-forth calls take up a chunk of a practice staff’s time.

Before developing a secure messaging for HIPAA compliant messaging platform, here are a few important things, which you need to consider

  • You need to make sure that you provide a solution for a secure messaging platform that is truly HIPAA compliant.
  • It is important to enhance the workflows and provide a seamless messaging experience to users.
  • The secure messaging app must support structured communication and make sure that the patient data is not getting lost.
  • The app must be simple and user-friendly.

The HIPAA-compliant messaging platform like Klara has analyzed the real-life problems of doctors. The service allows all departments of a practice’s staff to communicate only on one platform. The medical communication app like Klara allows all departments, from healthcare professionals to physician’s assistants to nurses to the front desk department, the scheduling department, and they can easily communicate via text around the patient’s diagnosis treatment. The medical communication app allows medical staff to communicate directly with a patient about scheduling and treatment.

In short, for healthcare professionals, Klara app has offered solutions to their real-life problems.

2. Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Doctors

As technology gets more and more patient-centric, care continues to improve, and customers are becoming more intolerant for old practices of healthcare. In short, the healthcare industry has transformed the old ways, including long waits, poor communication and out of date office procedures.


Image Source: mobilehealthnews

The healthcare sector has dramatically changed due to advancement in the technology and pivoted to customer-centric engagement models, which focus on patient satisfaction and entire prevention.

When the patient falls victim to poor communication methods like phone tag, call drops and lack of follow-ups and any hiccup as they face during clinic visits or fixing out the appointments for themselves, they likely to switch doctors and even leave a negative review online. Nevertheless, in recent times, the healthcare environment demands excellence in patient-centric care.

Being a healthtech startup, if you are planning to create the patient communication app like Klara, then you need to consider the following solutions for your app users or patients:

  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Coordinate the appointment times
  • Ask about insurance and its benefits
  • Let the app user know if he/she is running late
  • Allows to inquire about the specialties
  • Refer a friend

Also, you need to make sure that your users or patients have a great experience not only visiting the clinics but outside of it, too. You need to provide an ability to communicate seamlessly through a HIPAA-compliant messaging service in terms of secure texting app.

3. Cut the Cost

Healthcare sector has seen a dramatic transformation due to the advancement in technology or we can say that AI (Artificial Intelligence) in healthcare. Well, the apps for healthcare like Klara is truly successful in cutting the cost of a number of incoming calls. This medical communication app does not only save the time of the medical staff, but it also saves money.

As per the survey from Klara app, doctors estimate that phone calls alone cost between $15 and $20 each and the prescription renewal calls alone cost around $10,000 per year. However, such huge cost can be saved through a secure messaging app like Klara. In this way, this important solution is not more than a miracle for app users like health professionals. This cloud-based medical communication app has come up with the solution that works.

Bottom Line

Well, telemedicine app has its limits, but the cloud-based medical communication app like Klara has already taken the healthcare industry to the next level by providing some powerful solutions as what we have mentioned above.

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