Consider 4 Features of Weight Watchers App (Rated #1 by the U.S. News) During Health and Fitness App Development

health and fitness app development

Have a fitness app idea in your mind that you want to convert into reality? Herein we have curated 4 important features of the Weight Watchers app, which is trending on #1 position by the U.S. news, for the ninth time in a row, as the best weight loss app. If you are wondering about specific features and functionalities that you can consider during health and fitness app development then dive into this blog.

Health and wellness industry is reshaping with technological advancements.

With the advent of mobile apps, there’s a constant obsession in people to monitor everything that goes into their bodies. For instance, how much calories burnt during exercise, step counting, hydration status, sleep. People tend to explore and experiment all at one time, which is possible only through health apps.

According to the Flurry Analytics report, health tracker apps have increased by over 330% in the last 3 years. This clearly states that millennials are gearing up with a behavioral shift, opting for different practices and taking preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle.

At Space-O Technologies, we did some research and found that health and fitness apps are trending the charts among the traditional health and wellness approaches. 

health and fitness app development

Now, the question might arise in your mind about the revenue generation of such fitness apps. According to statista, the 2019 global market is a net worth of US $14.7billion and is anticipated to grow at 23% CAGR for 2023. Thus, these stats surely depict successful business for your fitness app development.

global fitness app market size

After going through such statistics of the fitness industry, if you are planning to develop a health and fitness app, then let our app consultant dive into your business model and market challenges to help you build a solution that offers unique value to your end-users life. 

Our fitness app developers make use of the latest technologies like the Internet Of Things, Gyroscope, Barometer, Accelerometer, and Wearables to develop the best sports and fitness mobile apps.

So far, we have developed over 40 health and fitness app that are covered by popular websites like The New York Times, Techcrunch, and SportTechie. Now, let’s get in-depth into the interesting features of the Weight Watchers app, a consistently best weight loss app for 9 years.

Weight Watchers App: The Best Weight Loss App

health and fitness app development

Image Credit: Weight Watchers

  • The health app assists in healthy habits including weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset. Now the app is transforming itself into a wellness brand instead of a diet company. 
  • The top health and fitness app has over 4.6million members as digital-only subscribers. The annual revenue of the app is $1.5B. The app consists of online coaching, healthy recipes, fitness tracker, weight loss community.

4 Features of Weight Watchers App (Best Weight Loss App) for Successful Health and Fitness App Development

#1 Track daily food and activity using split-screen

Being a fitness app startup, the most important feature is to provide your target audience with proper tracking of their daily activities. For instance, let the user set their fitness goals and track their activity throughout the week. Such a systematic tracking of eating habits like consumed meal and calorie intake, instant notifications for dietary needs, sync with a fitness device to keep a constant measurement of activity. 

Provide your users with a science-based approach to weight loss, emphasizing the importance of portion control, food choices, and slow consistent weight loss. The wave of healthy living in Gen Z is all about trying a new diet, eating nutritious food, shape their bodies, thus, your app will get its due share of interest as MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Lose it apps.

#2 Discover healthy recipes category wise

When we are talking about a health and fitness app development, the essential feature of the app is a curated healthy recipes functionality. With Weight Watchers, the app has provided its fitness community with over 4000 recipes. 

best weight loss app

Image Credit: Weight Watchers

As you are planning for a health and fitness app development, a category wise filtration can help your users filter recipes accurately. You can also give a “customize your meal” feature, where the user can add or remove ingredients from the meal as he wants and can share it with the other community members of the app.

#3 Barcode scanner to avail SmartPoint Value

What if your user wants to buy a product on the basis of its SmartPoint value? 

Majorly your targeted audiences are fitness freaks and the diet conscious people. Being in the technological advancement era, your diet app development has to have a simple counting system that can count calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein in a food.

Your weight tracker app must have a barcode scanner that can easily guide your users towards a healthier diet which may include more fruits, vegetables, and protein. It resets an individual’s diet as per his age, weight, height, and gender.

#4 Advice from a coach 24/7

It is very essential that your app has an advisory approach in the form of nutritional or health experts. The health and fitness app development must have some videos, live chat, or motivational audios for online users. This makes the app interactive as well as engaging. If you collaborate with a popular nutrition expert or health expert, you will get a loyal audience and it will be easy to retain the audience on the online health platform.


Being in the mobile apps development world, we are offering Android and iOS app development services from the past decade, our experience of developing over 3500 apps in all the genres has helped us a lot in knowing the app’s success which we develop. Our in-house mobile app developers team have an utmost knowledge of machine learning, AI, AR technologies with trending app integration systems.

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