Have You Upgraded Your Mobile App with the Facebook Graph API v2.0 and Above?


Why Use Facebook Graph API?

Many people using Facebook have claimed that there are certain violations of their privacy by the site, but with the latest updates of Facebook Graph API, we can expect better security of our personal details.

How is the Graph API structured and what has changed?

#1. Friend Data API

Friend Data
No one expects their information to be randomly accessed because of a friend’s sheer carelessness. We would prefer the option of being able to accept or deny the sharing of personal data.

Facebook’s Product Manager, Simon Cross, stated that Facebook’s motto was ‘People First’, as they would only be able to work for those people who felt comfortable using Facebook and apps that required members to login through Facebook, in order to use the app.
So Facebook decided to ask users their opinions about privacy when using Facebook to access certain apps.

What is the difference between the previous Facebook API and the present one?

Earlier, any app could access the friend list using FQL (Facebook Query Language). Now the FQL is deprecated by Facebook and users can decline the permission for ‘user_friends’.

This resulted in changing the way these apps handled people’s data. Those apps that couldn’t function without a person’s friends’ data, such as job and location, had to close shops.

#2. App Login Changes

App Login
In new version of graph API, Facebook demands that all apps needs to revise their login systems to provide options to users allowing them to provide and deny access to certain detail.
Apps that had already been allowed access to this data can continue using it, but if asked to delete it by the user, they would have to oblige.

Facebook has looked into a great deal of app login reviews, more than 40,000, so that they can clarify how much information apps could ask from users. This resulted in Facebook coming up with very specific and precise permissions for app developers.

How does this affect a user’s experience with these app?

The New Login : As shown in the image above, the new version of Facebook login lets people edit the information they share with your app during the process itself.
Well the app still works well for the people no matter what information they grant or decline.

The existing app users will not have to give up any information, the new login systems will be activated without the user having to logout and then log back in. Developers should be worried about the changes and migration to the new login process as soon as possible otherwise the apps will be discontinued by the Facebook.

#3. Login Review

Who all will have to go through the APP review?
The Login Review has been made mandatory by the facebook. If any app asks for basic permissions of public profile, email and friend list – then review isn’t required.

But If app needs more permissions then it will be reviewed by Facebook. Over the last year, Cross said, a team at Facebook has reviewed more than 40,000 apps. “Every app built … since [F8 2014] that requires additional review, has been through review,” Cross said.

Login review can take up to five business days, but a large majority gets response within two days.

Real-Time Updates

Once the given process is completed, you may subscribe to Real Time Updates, which means that if there is an update in the API then Facebook will notify you and you can get the update directly.
Real Time Updates

Whenever new changes occur, an HTTP ‘POST’ will be sent to the app’s callback URL. To make this work, developers must subscribe to Real-Time Updates by using /{app-id}/subscriptions Graph API edge. They will then be able to add, modify, delete and list the existing subscriptions.

Creation of a Callback URL will also be essential to receive HTTP ‘POST’ and verify subscriptions. Successful creation of the subscription will allow Facebook to deliver changes and updates from time to time.

Facebook have always been prioritizing users over developers and advertisers and these changes have definitely increased people’s confidence in Facebook, which is exactly what they are trying to do.

Not many developers know how to use and adapt to the all new Facebook Graph API v2.0. If you want to associate your app with the facebook login system then this API is a must. Space-O can help you in this by using our knowledge of the latest API v2.0 technology. Feel free to reach us and we shall get in touch with you.


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