3 Winning Strategies of DoorDash That Teamed Up With Walmart to Make a Big Move Into The Grocery Delivery Market


This blog is for those startups who want to create a grocery delivery app. Herein, we’ve compiled three winning strategies of DoorDash that recently teamed up with Walmart (an American multinational corporation) to disrupt the grocery delivery market. And, these strategies can be considered during on-demand grocery app development.

From boring commutes to long working hours to rising internet penetration, the waves of mobile apps are giving space to on-demand grocery players to serve more and more customers. If we’re talking about the grocery, then there is a Walmart, a very first name that strikes in our minds.

If Uber is the king of ride-hailing service and DoorDash is all about on-demand food delivery service, then Walmart is the giant of grocery services. According to the latest news from TechCrunch, “Walmart is partnering with DoorDash to power its online grocery delivery service that will start in Atlanta initially and then it will expand across the United States ultimately”. With the partnership between two giants, it becomes a major move to become a back-end platform for brands like Walmart.

Well, on the fundamental level, DoorDash has started with the last-mile food delivery business initially, but now, it looks like DoorDash gets further into the grocery delivery business, too.


Moving ahead and checking out the winning strategies of DoorDash that teamed up with Walmart to make a big push into the grocery delivery market.

3 Winning Strategies of DoorDash to Disrupt The Grocery Delivery Market

1. A Pretty Straightforward Business Idea to Get Into The Niche of Grocery Delivery

One of the popular on-demand food delivery apps, DoorDash has a simple strategy to get into the world of grocery delivery as it wanted to get into the world of on-demand solutions for grocery without putting a lot of efforts and investments towards it.

The duo is not going to make anything complicated for their customers. The process of ordering grocery is pretty simple. When the user is shopping for a missing ingredient or for whole grocery list of a month, he/she can simply place the order online at Walmart.com/grocery or on the Walmart grocery app, and switch to the delivery tab.

After that, the user needs to select a delivery window at checkout. Once the grocery items have been selected by Walmart personal shoppers, then the delivery person from DoorDash delivers the order during the delivery window selected by the user. It is as simple as to add an item to the cart. By doing so, Walmart also offers DoorDash a potentially nice neutral niche as grocery delivery heats up.

2. Convenience

One of the strategies, which is all-time required to build a successful business is convenience. It is important to make it convenient for your customers, especially when it comes to on-demand delivery. In a similar manner, DoorDash is bringing the convenience in the grocery market niche as well. That’s why Walmart has chosen the DoorDash.

So, DoorDash takes a step further with the online grocery delivery app. What company provides when it comes to convenience to their customers? Check them out what are these points of convenience:

Time Saving: DoorDash saves time and trip to the store. It also saves time of standing in long queue for paying bill for all those grocery items that you have purchased. However, the company is providing enough time to their customers to do something more instead of spending their whole time to shop grocery.

Comfort: When customers find something missing in their kitchen item, then DoorDash person can deliver right it to their doors. However, the partnership of Walmart and DoorDash can set a great example of the on-demand niche. It also provides convenience and comfort to customers under every age group.

Shortest Delivery Time: After the partnership between two giants, the delivery time will be shortest as DoorDash will delivery the items as soon as possible.

Covered Remote & Small Areas in the United States: There are no worries about the small areas. Firstly, the company will continue to expand its reach along with Walmart across Atlanta metro area, then it will continue to expand its reach across the U.S. And, by doing so, everyone can experience the grocery delivery whenever they need it.

3. Expand Network To Get More Customers

Apps like DoorDash are basically based on the idea of fast delivery of food as per the customers’ convenience. But, one of the other benefits of teaming up with a brand like Walmart is not merely that it is a leading grocer in the United States, but Walmart is also in a lot of other lines of businesses, too.

In simple term, Walmart keeps expanding in terms of the network as well as customers. Likewise, the strategy of DoorDash is quite similar. They are also expanding their network. Also, they are also trying another line of businesses to simply get more and more customers.

To Get More Exposure To Business: However, it is a great way to expand the business. This is due to the fact that this can provide more exposure by helping you to make more customers. The teaming up will enhance the quality of delivery in grocery as DoorDash provides in food delivery.

Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of this strategy is your startup business will get more exposure and more customers. Plus, it can uplift the level of grocery delivery like food delivery services.


Now, you know the winning strategies of DoorDash which we have just explained above. However, that was all about DoorDash and its strategies, but now the question remains as to how to make use of these strategies into your business.

From the on-demand food delivery app, DoorDash, we have extracted essential learning for you as a grocery startup:

  • A simple strategy is to provide convenience to your customers.
  • Initially, you can start your business with the small areas to deliver.
  • Being a startup, you can consider the remote areas where people find it hard to get groceries for themselves. However, this winning strategy can take your business a long way.
  • DoorDash has already changed the way food is delivered. However, the company is all set to change the way groceries are delivered. In short, we can say that you can also think to expand your network to grab more customers’ attention. And, you can provide genuine solutions to your customers, plus give chance to test other items, too.

For a successful business model like DoorDash, it is also pivotal to keep an eye on your competitors. Here, you came to know the strategies of DoorDash that is going to disrupt the grocery delivery market, so you as a grocery startup can also develop your own grocery delivery app and expand your business.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand grocery delivery apps development, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. As we’re a leading mobile app development company and have experience of developing over 3500 mobile applications in diverse categories. One of our sales representatives will revert to you within 16 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost!

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