Online Grocery App Development: How Farmdrop (The Farmer-friendly Grocery App) has Raised £10M in Series B Funding by Solving These 3 Challenges


This blog is for those AgTech startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop online grocery delivery app. We have rounded up three major challenges which are solved by Farmdrop, a successful grocery delivery app. Let’s have a look!

The online grocery delivery industry has already created a buzz on the web. Undoubtedly, online grocery niche will be booming in the upcoming years because of offering a wide range of unparalleled solutions to consumers.

Talking about the market size of the online grocery industry, the report says, “In 2016, the global online grocery market generated 48 million U.S. dollars, and it is forecasted to reach approximately 150 billion U.S. dollars by 2025,” according to Statista.


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Meanwhile, we came across the latest news which is about the farmer-friendly online grocery app that is known as Farmdrop. As per the latest report by TechCrunch, “The UK-based on-demand grocery app Farmdrop has raised £10M in Series B funding led by LGT Impact Ventures and Belltown Ventures that is a renewable energy investment specialist with an interest in agriculture technology.”


3 Major Challenges Solved by Farmdrop, a Family-friendly Online Grocery App

1. Hit With a Revolutionary Idea

As you might be aware of the old tradition and fundamental problem that the supermarkets have always been dominant over the last 50 years. But, there was zero role of farmers plus customers were not getting 100% fresh veggies and on-time grocery items. Now, the Farmdrop has completely changed the way consumers shop, eat, and get the grocery items.

On a fundamental level, Farmdrop is an online grocery platform that connects farmers, growers, and producers directly with the local customers. In this polluted environment where we live, the only option for producers is to concentrate on yields and durability that has led to a big decline in the taste and nutritional quality of homegrown foods.

However, the grocery shopping app, Farmdrop has solved this problem, allowing consumers to directly buy fresh veggies and get it delivered to their doorstep. So, if you are planning to start your own AgTech startup under the category “online grocery”, then you need to embark on a revolutionary idea that benefits consumers.

2. Offer What Consumers Have Been Missing So Far

Established by ex-city broker Ben Pugh in 2014, Farmdrop originally launched as a ‘click and collect’ service, which allows ordering groceries online from farmer producers in order to pick up at a local collection point.

What do consumers expect from online grocery delivery companies? The simple answer is freshness and instant delivery of the items. Plus, they also expect the same as what is visualized. Furthermore, consumers also expect organic and quality products as what they do not get from supermarkets. These were the main problems faced by consumers while purchasing veggies, fruits, milk, and other grocery items.

The Farmdrop company has provided door-to-door grocery delivery service by eliminating the medium of supermarkets. So, the company has come up with the same basic idea of delivery but giving consumers much fresher produce and more generous share of the retail price. However, the large supermarkets are known for squeezing suppliers in the bid to lower costs whilst maintaining their own profits.

The company has depended on door-to-door delivery with the same basic idea of the marketplace, which bypasses the mass supermarkets. By cutting out the middleman, Farmdrop pays producers 75% of the final retail price, roughly double what they would receive from supermarkets, whilst users get access to food which is up to 5x fresher than what is sold by conventional retailers.

3. Analyzed The Pain Points of Buyers and Sellers

The freshdrop company has not only analyzed and resolved consumers’ pain points, but the company also analyzed the pain points of farmers who did not have a platform to sell their products without squeezing the entire cost along with zero profits. Also, the company claims that 80% of its fresh produce is sourced directly from 208 sustainable farmers and independent food markets. Till now, Farmdrop sells over 2,000 products ranging from high-welfare meat, dairy products, fish and organic fruits, vegetables and other household supplies.

If you have planned to develop online grocery shopping apps like Farmdrop, then you need to analyze such major challenges faced by people and provide a solution through the mobile application.

On a Concluding Note

So, you just checked out the main challenges solved by Farmdrop, a successful grocery mobile app. If you have also made-up your mind to develop your own on-demand grocery delivery app like Farmdrop and got any unique idea, then you can discuss it with us.

Being a leading mobile application development company, we can help you to develop a feature-packed grocery delivery application, allowing your customers to directly order through a mobile app.

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