Where is Everyone? Find Out Using a GPS Based Android Apps


Are you looking for an Android app that tracks locations and acts as a guide to the desired destination?

Applications with GPS tracking have captured the imagination of smartphone users around the world like never before. Location sharing, tracking, and exploring have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that location tracking Android apps are on the rise.

So, if you are looking for developing a GPS based app which finds and tracks a user’s and Your Family Members position using Google Maps or Google coordinates, then you need not look too far.

We specialized in integration of GPS into an application. Our team of Expert Android developers exploits the advantages of the operating system to the fullest, producing the finest multi-purpose apps in the market.

We have created GPS based custom Android app, here is one of our favorite:

iTrackMiles is a mile/kilometer tracking application, which is very useful for employee’s going out of office for daily / weekly / monthly work and reimbursement. Check this app –itrackmiles

Android offers the most suitable platform for developers to design, experiment and innovated different kinds of GPS (Global Positioning System) applications. One of the foremost advantages of Android is that it is an easy OS to work on for app development. Developing GPS based Android applications requires less learning curve and hence can be developed at a brisk rate utilizing only the tools and API provided by Android SDK. These tools have eased the life of developers to the extent that new and versatile GPS based apps are being invented.

Having a location tracking application simplifies mundane tasks like never before. We can say that having a GPS tracking system in your pocket, is like carrying a reliable friend with you everywhere you go. Here’s why:

    • GPS devices are capable of displaying maps, which include street maps, in a readable layman format
    • They provide turn-by-turn directions via speech to a person driving a vehicle.
    • Feed directions into an autonomous vehicle.
    • Show traffic congestion maps.
    • Provide real time information on nearby restaurant, tourist attractions, hotels, banks, airports, fuel stations, and other places of interest.
    • Show all options available, tell you the best route to reach a place, and suggestions on alternate routes depending on traffic congestion.

This is the kind of comfort and security a modern smartphone user looks for in a mobile phone. So, in case you have an amazing idea for a GPS tracking Android app, then bring it to us. We will convert it into reality by taking it a whole new level, resulting into a superlative GPS application.

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