Want to Get Discovered on Google Play Store? Follow These Tips to Optimize Your Apps.

app search optimization

Do you know that the worldwide app revenue expected to reach $76.52 billion in 2017?

Now that’s a very huge number. And with such a huge number, there is a vast competition as well. Everyone is looking to get a big share. This means, it’s quite difficult to get your app discovered by people.

Currently, there are more than 4 million applications at the top 5 app stores. The Google Play Store alone has 2.2 million apps listed, whereas The Apple’s app store remained the second-largest app store with 2 million apps.

By looking at above stats, it’s no secret that the competition is high, and the market is already crowded. And to compete with the competition, it’s necessary to optimize your app listing for both store searchability and to get discovered by maximum audience. This entire process is known as App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization?

When it’s the matter about App Store Optimization (ASO), it is one such process that enhances the visibility of a mobile application in an app store. Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the websites, The App Store Optimization (ASO) is for the mobile applications.

The app store optimization comprises the process of ranking highly in app store’s search results, ranking in top charts, target relevant customers and be discovered. This ultimately helps to boost your mobile app downloads.

As you know that Google Play Store’s search is the most important tool for users to search any popular application. Its algorithm is a secret, but Google Play Developer Console Help recommends different ways to optimize your application details page so that your app’s rank increases so that app can be discovered by maximum potential users.

Why App Search Optimization is Important?

app search optimization

According to forrester’s report, there are 63% of applications that discovered through app store searches. In the app store, ASO is one of the most used methods for discovering and downloading new and popular applications.

“For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs”, said Ankit Jain at Google I/O. It means, if you are not optimizing your application to boost the search ranking, you are missing out huge share that your app can get.

Let’s Take a Look at How to Optimize Google Play Store App Details Page

Optimizing Title

Title is the most important part of your application listing and the more challenging task as well. Title can help you to accomplish two important goals: get the app listed to show up for the right search queries, and receive more clicks through a compelling title.

It is essential to make an impression on both, the app store search engine and the real people. As Google’s app store makes use of Google’s search algorithms, we all have a bit more understanding into it than some of the alternatives.

As per Google, your app’s title should be unique, reachable, and contain targeted keywords so that it can be discovered by your targeted audience. You should not use subtle misspellings of general terms as users may face difficulty of correcting misspelled search terms.

Add Description

To generate the best results out of Google algorithms, keywords research is an excellent option. To optimize your app on the app store, you should include unique description with the targeted keywords as creating a baffling app description is a dreadful approach for ASO. Google recommends best practices like focus on your users and what they will get from your app.

You should review your app’s description on the Google Play app and web store and make sure that important information appears above the fold. In the description, you can make use of SEO Best Practices, but also keep in mind the Google Play Content Policies about SPAM and IP Infringement.

Optimizing Images

Along with the description, a feature-rich image and screenshots of your app represent app’s features and functionalities. Both the things are important to users once they have clicked on their app listing.

Make sure that your feature image is 1024px by 500px JPEG/PNG or it can be a Youtube video. However, it is the first big video that people will see once they come on your listing, so making it synergize with description that sells your app to new visitors.

At the time of selecting screenshots, you should highlight the screenshots that demonstrate the most innate features of your app’s UX and other popular functions. You can also include the wonderful screenshots first and other relevant information.

Optimizing Icon

As you know that the title is not the only thing that users see at the time of browsing for new apps. They also consider the app’s icon, which is also a huge factor that help users to decide whether to click on the app or not.

There are lots of distinguishing factors, which differentiate successful apps from the failed ones. Distinct Shape, Limited Color Palette, and Unique Creative Element are these different factors.

The icons are mainly made to look like a 3D model of a relevant item related to the app’s function. By combining this unique look with a descriptive title is the best way to teach potential users what the app will do for them.


Above-mentioned ways of app store optimization can help you to get maximum number of users, increase app downloads and boost revenue. To understand what drives potential users  to install an app, think of your app page as a storefront on the busiest road in your area and follow this app store optimization guide to optimize your app. And still If you find it difficult to optimize your app in the app store, get in touch with us as we are a leading mobile app development company in India with the proficient team of highly experienced mobile developers.

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