Google Launches Android Experiments Celebrating Creativity in Android Apps

Android Experiments

On 12th August, 2015, Google introduced ‘Android Experiments’ a portal that helps widening the area for talented Android apps to be showcased.

The whole of Tech World is pushing itself far and wide, trying to stretch and break the boundaries. 2015, marks a remarkable year in the history of impeccable growth in terms of technology. Everyone; small and big, is trying to push their boundaries and make a dent, of varying sizes, on the surface of reality itself, erasing the fine line between the real and the virtual.

First came the whirlpool of news from the pockets of Apple, taking the world unawares. But barely any time had gone by before Google is waiting to win you from wisely arranged announcements. Just a few days ago, Android M ramped walk, followed by the news of the BoringSSL.

And now Google shows that it has enough tricks up its sleeves, to keep us on our toes for a long time to come. A Google platform named Android Experiments was announced to existence, in lieu with the former Chrome Experiments.

Android Experiments is a website that showcases talented Android apps and provides them with a special platform to make sure a level is set wherein one can set the greatest and the most creative of all Android apps. There are already 20 cool apps that have been featured in the existent list.

While submitting the app in the Android Experiments is easy with only three basic rules to take care of, being classified as a deserving app is difficult. The three rules are:

  1. Every project submitted must be on Open Source.
  2. All the Android apps submitted must be affiliated with Android version 4.4 (Kitkat) and higher.
  3. The app must interact with the users in a unique way.

Apps on Android Experiments currently are:

Ink Space
An app by Zach Lieberman, INKSPACE, allows a 3D world to revolve around you in whatever you draw. All you need to do is to keep drawing and keep architecturing, while moving the phone in different directions and the app will remember the flow only to show it to you exactly the way it was, making it into an animated GIF.

Muzei by Roman Nurik, is a live wallpaper app changing your wallpapers randomly from the wide collection of art gallery they have. One may also choose to allow the app to make random wallpaper selection from the personal gallery of photos. This app aims at surprising you every morning.

Experiencing growth by making top charting apps that rank high in the App Store in U.S.A, Space-O Technologies, has also made an iOS/Android app that is capable of bringing in change. Croak it! has been “Voted in the top 4 free iOS apps by users in the USA in #AppMadness13.

Doing as great as Croak it!, these 2 apps along with the rest of the 18, stand tall as they are the first amongst millions to be chosen and given a well raised platform.

However, the existence of such a platform has reignited the spirit of battle between Android apps of all kinds, to prove their worth and their genius. These 20 apps have already put a dent in the legacy of Android apps. And Android Experiments is waiting for more miracles like these. Do you have it in you to be the change they want?


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