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Space O Technologies is all set to redefine the smart messaging app world by recreating the Google Allo experience for you with custom apps that help achieve your purpose. Messaging apps have always been the true wonder of a smartphone, and each messaging app has been received or rejected depending on the features and experience it offers to the world.

Smart apps like Google Allo are founded on the principle “user behaviour” and “user insights” and are aimed to increase your productivity. The Google Allo script was founded on the principle of ensuring you have automated answers to your chats, and can offer expiry dates to your chat or, connect with your people in incognito mode. This smart app helps express better, and brings forth the Google Assistant to recreate the whole search and find journey

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The Need for Smart Apps

The question here is whether you need a smart app like Google Allo, and how exactly would it help you?

Google Allo aims to help you answer without really typing, thus saving time and effort that you invest in actual chatting. At Space O, we aim to offer the actually chatting experience in a smart fashion with our custom smart app. Our app will be a true chat app, which does not cater to search functionality or, other features that are not needed on a chat platform. We just aim to make chatting smarter and efficient.

Features of Allo Like App

We are all set to make a Allo-like app that is customized to meet your chat ppurposes, and enhance your business functionality through smart apps

Smart Reply

We will be introducing the smart reply feature, wherein the app will learn how the user chats based on their past chat behaviour and start offering suggestions over a period of time

Incognito Mode

You can send messages in incognito mode with this feature we have introduced in the app. This will help keep your chats private, and offers better control over your chats

Change Font Size

With our swipe functionality, you can easily swipe and change the font size to show whether you are whispering or shouting


What is a chat app without stickers? We have introduced localized stickers that help you say things better


  • Can you specify what functionality would be added to the app?

    We would be including all the chat based functionality that will enhance and automate chatting- smart reply, incognito mode, stickers etc. However, we will not be including the assistant/search feature that does not add to the chat environment

  • Will this app work cross-platform?

    Our Allo apps will work for both iOS and Android platform. We devise them such that they can work on native as well as cross-platform

  • What would be the approximate timeline for the app?

    We would need to study your requirements, and based on that devise the apt solution. The time taken to build the app would be derived on the solution or approach we offer you.

What we Offer?

We offer a smart app solution at a competitive price using flexible engagement models that meets your business goals.

We study your requirements and understand the goals before defining the solution and the approach that will help you with your Allo-like app solution

We have developers and designers who are experts in offering custom app solutions that help achieve 100% productivity, thus translating into complete customer satisfaction.

With flexible engagement models, we aim to extend support to our clients across the clock.

Thank you team, at Space O that is making our dream a reality. There is no way Bryan, Brandon, and I can thank you guys enough. We are very pleased with the work thus far and can not wait to see OUR final product. Cheers mates.Ashton
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