Need an E-Butler in Spain? Glovo is a Courier Delivery App You Need


This article was last edited on 19th July-2018 as Glovo secured a €115 million (~$134M) in Series C round of funding.

There always comes a time wherein we need help from an external source. And, as you may have noticed or experienced, it becomes very difficult to find the right people at the right time, who can do the job for you. However, with apps, there is no need for you to find anyone to do the job. Yes, you got it right, a courier delivery app.

Spain has been facing issues with developing courier delivery services and it seems as if it hasn’t evolved for a few decades. But in the recent past, startups are trying to come up with solutions for the same. Apps like Hubbl and Postmates do help. However, where on one hand Postmates focuses on making food-related deliveries only, on the other hand, Hubbl was an expert on making courier deliveries or shipments an easy and smooth process and giving it when and where the recipient wants it.

Spain lacked an entity that would cover all the aspects that anyone might need help with. And then entered the very solution required, ‘Glovo’! An app that doesn’t want to back out from any work assigned to its glovers. Making every delivery in 60 minutes, as promised by them, they can do anything you need them to. Forgotten your charger at home? Wanna have a quick snack from a restaurant around the corner? Let Glovo take care of the situation.

Glovo, developed by Space-O, is a courier delivery service app and a new way to shop and make deliveries. (Available on iTunes & Google Play)

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “This Barcelona-based on-demand delivery app, Glovo has recently secured €115 million (~ $134M) in Series C round of funding led by Rakuten Capital, Seaya Ventures, and Cathay Innovation.

Top 4 Features of Glovo

1. Any Work & They Do It

There are apps that do not limit themselves to one work or the other. For that matter, they can help you in any and every situation that is. Want to order food or want some chores done? Whatever you need, whenever you need it, this is an app that helps you with everything.

2. Less Money, More Work

Any work, from any place of the city, gets done with the help of an app. And all of this gets done easily, by paying 5.5€ only. Also, 70 to 80% of the money paid, goes to the Glover, the person who does all the on-field work.

3. Safe Payment of money

All the payment done for the work is made using the courier service app only. Making a system so deadlocked that no fraud or cheating can get passed it, the Glovo app’s payment is done virtually, without any real money getting involved.

4. GPS system

The GPS system is a unique and new feature added to a courier delivery app or courier service app. While someone might already have placed an order or assigned the work to a glover using the Glovo app, you might also be able to track its progress. Yes! you heard it right. Using the GPS feature, you can check where has your shipment reached, as being in the process of reaching you. This feature is almost changing the way people look at the utility of apps such as this.

According to the co-founder of this startup app, Oscar Pierre mentions an interesting fact about the functionality of Glovo,

“What we do is we send our glovers to the closest store that has what you requested. Stores are not part of the transaction and we buy the stuff as if we were normal consumers.”

This really makes the sense with their punchline TÚ PIDE. NOSOTROS VAMOS (You Ask. We Go.).

Even as competition is increasing so is decreasing the time for us to go and get our work done. If an e-butler such as this is made available to us, it seems like a blessing in disguise. Get shit done in a jiffy and at a low price. What else do we want?


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