Gett, On-demand Taxi / Uber like app, adds 11,500 Radio Taxis in London and Reaching $500mn in 2016

Gett, On-demand Taxi / Uber like app, adds 11,500 Radio Taxis in London and reaching $500mn in 2016

Gett, a ride-sharing platform and better known as on-demand taxi application like Uber, has spent many years to find out effective tricks to be in this same competitive ring like Uber. Unlike Uber, Gett focuses on the enterprise by offering different products than other on-demand taxi service providers.

Users, who are disappointed with Lyft and Uber’s surge fees, can submit them to Gett and get full Gett credit on the price of those surge fees that used to be later. Every charge of Gett rounds up to $5 increment and will costs up to $100 to cover your added Uber costs and expectantly convert you to a Gett user.

Being “one of the top 15 explosively growing companies” by Forbes, Gett has announced in 2015 “Surge Sucks” campaign to take down Uber. This application also becomes App Store Editors’ Choice due to many features like:

· Pre-booked cars always on time
· Advanced booking available for two weeks in advance
· All drivers are TLC licensed, professionally trained, and fully insured
· Premium SLA and reliability
· Track drivers on the map with reliable ETAs
· Pick Passengers in less than 10 minutes
· Competitive flat rates between zones
· Ride for free – Share your unique code with friends to receive free ride credit
· Surge free guarantee – Always pay a flat rate, even when there is heavy rain, traffic, or demand
· Cashless Payment – Your fare is automatically charged to your credit card and your receipt is emailed

Why Gett for Your Business Travel in New York City Rather Than Corporate Car or Uber?

Corporate Car companies deliver service without Technology While Uber offers Technology without service. If you want to get service and technology together, ‘Gett’ is the best alternative.
What Gett is delivering to their clients is not easy to give. Along with traditional corporate car and limousine services, it offers 24*7 customer support and a reservation service. Other car services have people answering the phone, they don’t have app-driven technology in passengers’ and drivers’ hands. They are limited the speed in which their cars can reach.

On-demand taxi app like Uber is all about speed and technology, but lacking with customer service. One of the reputed banks allowed its employees to use Uber. However, the head of procurement realized that their employers were not using Uber, as it didn’t allow advance reservation or multiple-car orders or enable an assistant to book a car on behalf of a director. Gett developed its entire business around companies’ ground transportation needs. They are offering:

· Web portal to book and track rides
· Centralized monthly invoice with terms to manage expenses
· Future bookings and booking of multiple cars at once
· book a ride on behalf of someone else
· 24/7 customer service

Gett Adds a £6 flat fee courier service to Its On-Demand Cab Service in Central London

Last year, a ‘ride request button’ has added by Uber for third-party apps to order a car. However, recently, Uber has added more feature-rich option for Asian users. Uber continues to increase more funding to drive its on-demand transportation app with more categories in more countries.

One of its smaller yet compelling regional cab-hailing rivals is expanding with its own adjacent service, i.e. on-demand Courier Service. A taxi startup with its service in 50 cities globally, Gett app charges a flat fee of £6 ($8.50) for courier with a package of up to 5 kilograms anywhere in central London in 20 minutes and delivered within one hour by scooter.


Not Only this, 11500 black cabs also bought by Gett for Users by acquiring Radio Taxis in the UK

Headquartered at Highpoint in North Hill Highgate, Radio Taxis started back in 1953. It uses radios as the primary method of communication. The company switched over to GPS satellite technology in the 90’s and ultimately, developing an app for licensed black cabs that works like other ride-sharing services.

In this cutting edge technology, it is essential for Gett to be more powerful for corporate customers and members of the public and thus, this deal will help more customers to get access to the fantastic fixed fares, which is better as compared to the meter – giving discount of around 30% as compared to the fare that they would pay otherwise.

It is expected that Gett would acquire the other two black cab group, Xeta and One Transport, under Mountview House. Its revenue is projected to reach $500 million globally in 2016, focusing on enterprise clients. Launched in 2010, Gett seized many European cities before targeting to the United States.

On-Demand Mobile App Vary According to the Areas

Gett and Uber both are offering on-demand black car services that can be hailed and paid by the passengers through mobile apps.

Gett only focuses on black-car service while Uber introduces different other services like UberX, a low-priced alternative, competing with taxis, rather than limousines.

Best of all, Gett gives a monthly report to their employers about employee’s trips. It serves over 2,500 companies worldwide, half of them are the Fortune 500. Started the journey before 5 years, Gett is acquiring 11000+ cabs to delight its customers around the globe. It’s a big move in the taxi type of app business.

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