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U.S. On-demand labor force is expected to include a predictable 7.6 million by 2020, which is 3.2 million in 2015.

Regardless of time, location and day, on-demand delivery service helps customers to get an urgent shipment to their destination. The future is demanding and everything from pizza to packaging is possible with on-Demand delivery Apps.

On-Demand Delivery Currently Battling, Let’s Have a Look at the type of delivery already taken mobile app as a delivery platform

On-demand delivery or courier service application is relatively new. Many applications have already developed and many are developing, however very few of them are well known as such type of applications are limited to geographical areas.

Package Delivery

Glovo Application is an excellent example of Package delivery service application. It is an errand-running service application that buy, pick and send what users want within 60 minutes. It solely focused on delivering items in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Local Grocery, Flower or Food Delivery

Florist One app is the flower delivery app that lets the user send real flower delivered by a local florist in the United States and Canada from the network of over 20,000 local FTD and Teleflora florists. The option of same-day delivery for any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, etc.

Delivery for retailers

Bevy – Your Beverage Butler and wokonfirechinese are some best retailers app examples. Bevy promises to deliver alcohol in average 20 minutes at local shop price in different parts of London. Wok On Fire delivers Chinese food to all food-lovers.

Features You Must Include for your own uber type on-demand delivery app

Placing an Order

Delivery Scheduling

Track in Real-time

Payment Option

Products List

Wish List

Search Option

Real-time Messaging

With On-Demand Service, Myriad Startups Are Trying to Disrupt their Industry and Simply Referring Themselves as Uber for X.

Uber for X is providing on-demand delivery service that being combined online and serviced offline. However, we have an idea about many variations come in the way when we are analyzing different implementations in this field. When we are talking about an app like Uber for X services –

We are supposing supply is insecurely bound to the platform and we are just combining the supply.

  • Demand is not scheduling the product/services
  • Demand is not choosing the providers (service providers)

We are standardized flow and doesn’t allow customers to make a selection on many different variables. One of the best examples of Uber for X service is our Glovo application that raised capital with €2 million in funding.

Glovo is founded in January 2015 and started its service from March with the promises to deliver anything you want from any shop or restaurant in Spain. Glovo co-founder Sacha Michaud tells TechCrunch,

“Our platform allows our users to buy or deliver almost anything in their city at the press of a button on their smartphone, the platform connects the order to the nearest available couriers and, therefore, optimizing distance and time”.

This small startup supplies a wide range of orders, from food, boutique and restaurants. However, they don’t offer late night pharmacies, high street department stores, etc. they are thinking so.


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FAQs for On-demand Delivery/ Courier App

  • What business vertical you are trying to target?

    We are targeting every business vertical. If you have an on-demand delivery business, then we have a ready solution for you.

  • Is your on-demand delivery app for Ready-made?

    Yes. It costs you less than developing an app from scratch.

  • Should you provide ready to use on-demand delivery solution for an iPhone app, an Android app, or both?

    We are providing a solution as per your requirements. Do discuss your needs with our team.

  • How does it add value to my business?

    It maximizes your business value by providing a one-touch solution to your clients, maximizes customer retentions and serve them in the best ways.

  • How Ready to Use On-Demand Delivery service is Secured?

    100%. It is secured. We are taking necessary steps to make solution secure.

  • Is it safe for customers to add personal information, including credit card numbers, over your app?

    Yes, it is.

  • Can I use Different Payment Gateways for my app?

    Yes, you can. Talk to our team to integrate your solution.

  • What type of support service are you providing?

    You can ask your queries through Skype, Call or Email. Your technical query will be solved within 24 business hours.

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