Fuel Delivery App Development: 3 Lessons to Learn for Generating Online Revenue

If you are running a fuel delivery startup, then this blog is for you. This blog is written on the basis of quick discussion with one of the expert app consultants, who has expertise in on-demand and app like Uber. While discussing with him how the Uberization is changing the service providing genre, we analyzed some of the day-to-day services that we use. From booking a taxi to laundry service, gas delivery to fuel delivery service, people are consuming these services. Being in the fuel delivery business, this can be a great opportunity for you to expand your business. Have a look into this blog and know what lessons we discovered for a fuel delivery app development startup.

The world of mobile apps is providing us with affordable luxuries in the form of instant services. It all started with the on demand taxi service by Uber and now all the way from laundry service to fuel delivery service.

Yes, you heard it right, on demand fuel delivery service.

Being a fuel delivery startup, you must be facing problems like managing queue, on-time delivery service, quantity and quality monitoring, and keeping count of daily vehicles. A simple solution to these problems is a mobile fuel delivery service. 

We, at Space-O Technologies, analyzed an increasing demand for ‘on demand fuel delivery’ service.

fuel delivery app development

This increase clearly states that the on demand economy has changed the perception of people. Gen Z is addicted to the concept of “delivery at home”. You, being a fuel station startup, can definitely rope into the online world with your fuel delivery app development.

There are apps like Booster fuels that are doing extremely well in the market with their on demand gas delivery and fuel delivery solution. Your startup can also provide the convenience of on demand delivery by creating a fuel app in which people can easily book a fuel delivery whenever they want.

If you are planning to develop online fuel delivery solution or platform to delivery fuel delivery services, you should keep these 3 lessons in mind. Herein we have stated 3 lessons that you should consider before developing on demand fuel app.

3 Lessons Fuel Delivery Startups Can Learn Before Planning For Fuel Delivery App Development 

  1. Manage a time-slot and allot it to a trained personnel

    By making a move online, you are automating your business and inviting bulk fuel delivery for the consumers. Now, as we know on demand delivery apps are known for their last-mile delivery service like Amazon, Seamless, and Instacart, so to manage this online tradition, you need to have a time-slot facility in your fuel delivery app. 

    With a fuel app, you can organize time-slots for your professionals as well as the customers, who can also schedule beforehand the fill-up date, day, week, and can customize the place where he wants the fuel tanker to come and perform the service.

    Gig economy trend alerts

    In this growing economy, everyone wants to earn a little extra. With the gig economy, you can offer freelance job opportunities to Gen Z. This will open new business opportunities for your online platform and will engage more users to your app.

    If you are aiming for big revenue generation through your fuel delivery app development, make sure you hire trained personnel. Their service is the online goodwill of your app, make sure you curate the personnel as per their skill set in your “employee listing” section. 

  2. Bring fuel directly to commercial fleets

    This is a direct B2B business opportunity.

    With the growing trend of fast transports and an increase in population, the logistics and transport companies need to move on a much faster pace to generate more revenue.

    What if you offer them a proposal for monthly fill-ups? 

    • For a logistics business, it will be a convenient option as they will save on an additional roundtrip journey to the pump. 
    • It will retain the vehicle’s engine life, as the drivers tend to leave the engine running while waiting for a pump to become available.
    • The transport company will be able to know the exact working pattern of their drivers and can also work on their performance.

    fuel delivery app development

    On the other hand, by collaborating with such fleets, your fuel delivery app will get its due targeted audience and steady business expansion. Thus, with such a fuel app idea, you can conquer the travel, transport, and logistics industry.

  3. Unlock fuel cap with technological advancement

    What if a user wants an overnight refueling? With technological advancement, you can easily integrate “fuel cap unlock” functionality. This can work both ways for you and for your user. Your user can anytime unlock his fuel cap by instructing the vehicle through the fuel app. And if you have a disabled driver then he can fill-up the tank easily as the fuel cap is kept open for him.

    Instructing a functionality is done seamlessly by connecting the device at an API level. For this, you need to understand the technology by consulting mobile app developers who can guide you through the technical aspects of this particular in-app feature. You can also integrate the technology into a car’s dashboard which can enable a car to unlock a fuel cap at the right time.

Have You Planned to Invest in the Fuel Delivery App Development?

According to a study by Harvard Business Reports, the on demand economy attracts more than 22.4 million consumers annually, spending somewhere in the region of $57.6 billion. The on demand app solutions have taken over the transportation market, fuel delivery app is waiting to be explored.

Be it a long weekend or a holiday, or to perform daily chores, commuting is a must for everyone. This also means a constant need of fuel and gas. Now, in this digital world, people are finding ways to avoid long queues at the fuel station, pollution, poor handling by operators can also make the experience of getting fuel-filled an unpleasant one. With your fuel delivery app, you can provide your users with sophisticated and organized service which will be a boon for those expecting convenience at fingertips.

Thus, if you have any query or confusion on developing app like Uber for fuel, how long does it take to make a fuel delivery app, on-demand fuel delivery app development, the cost of making an app for fuel delivery, the cost estimation of on-demand fuel delivery app like Booster Fuels, then you can get in touch with us by filling our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible with an optimal solution. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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Bhaval Patel
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