Frictionless Sharing To Facebook In iOS 6

Apple integrated the most renowned social networking site facebook throughout in new version of iOS 6. Its all major features give users direct, quick, and easy access to facebook. Therefore, you can enjoy facebook in almost all features of Apple’s iOS 6 in terms of sharing, updating, bookmarking, tagging, and postings. Indeed, it is quite similar to twitter integration, but it gives huge benefits to the users of iOS 6 in terms of time saving, instant access, and business boom. New version of your smart device’s operating system by Apple has much more to surprise you, offers simple operating system, and keeps the tradition of innovation highest.

Integration of facebook into iOS 6 calendar:

Facebook integration into iOS 6 makes your calendar more organized and more useful because it provides you all the information about your social networking sites’ friends. All the facebook events and important information is deeply integrated into your iPhone’s, iPad’s, and iPod touch’s calendar and it can update your contact list automatically. It means that you do not need to update and maintain the data of your calendar with the passage of time.

Integration of Facebook into iOS 6 Map feature:

Facebook is integrated into iOS 6 map, meaning that you can access to facebook easily while using exclusive map feature of iOS 6 and update facebook community about your location, navigation, and favorite restaurant.

Integration of Facebook into iOS 6 Siri feature:

Siri in iOS 6 is the most advanced and adorable feature. It becomes more valuable when Apple integrates facebook into it. Give verbal instruction to this artificial intelligence software and it will update your status on facebook, create posts, makes birthday wishes to your friends, and so on.

Integration of Facebook into iOS 6 Game Center:

The relationship of Facebook and Apple in new version of iOS 6 seems to be very strong and strengthen. You can share your score in games to facebook while staying on game center and enjoy your achievement while telling others.

Integration of Facebook into iOS 6 Camera App:

Facebook option in iOS 6 camera enables you to show your photography tricks in the form of beautiful and mouth watering pictures to facebook friends directly without wasting time on logging-in.

In addition, iOS facebook notification center is as marvelous as other features.

This is reality that many critics did not like the marriage of iOS 6 and Facebook because it can make people’ life miserable, meaning oversharing to facebook through plenty of features without logging into it can hamper one’s privacy. Frictionless sharing to social networking site is not ideal if you can’t manage it closely. However, it can be a nightmare if facebook sharing is being done against your will.

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