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In 1891, August Oetker sold small packages of his baking powder to households with recipes printed on the back.

In 1911 Oetker started publishing his very successful cookbook, which went through major updates over past 100 years and is one of the most successful cookbooks, globally reaching 19 million printed copies.

1904, Jell-O salesmen went door-to-door, distributing their cookbook for free. Touting the dessert as a versatile food, the company saw its sales rise to over $1 million by 1906.

Are you a Master Chef looking out to sell your collection of recipes book?

Or you own a restaurant that serves authentic food but still not being able to attract more customers?

If any of these is your case, then you might be looking for ideas to market your restaurant or personal recipes to increase your sales and spread brand awareness.

In this case, developing a food recipe app is the best bet to reach wider audience. Now technology being in the pocket of everyone, things have become much easier and faster. With different apps getting used everyday by millions of people, developing a good mobile recipe and food app will not just help you hammer your target audience, but it will also help to generate revenue in big way.

Some of the recurring trends like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, New-year. and festive seasons and holidays are around the corner, that always glitters and showers happiness.This is the time when people will be browsing through internet to get ‘traditional recipe’ or calling their families to get hold of the recipes.

Why not take a chance to come out with a unique way to meet these people’s demand, and at the same time, also make your dream of getting your cookbook reach the mass audience come true?

You can reach your target audience by a food mobile app of your own and frame with interesting features listed below. It’s an impending way to make $ and reach your audiences with right recipe in-time.

Essential Features of a Food Recipe Mobile App:

  • Search recipes by keyword, course, and ingredient also browse popular recipe collection
    Filter by category, course, cuisine, occasion, or dietary needs
  • User ratings and calories-per-serving right in the mobile app
  • Detailed nutrition information for each dish, Tips, buying guides
  • Each recipe with one-touch shopping list, option to email/favorite the recipe or share in Facebook, Twitter
  • Browse recipes by key ingredient, cooking technique, flavor, or recipe type: Fast, Make Ahead, any interesting dish, or Essential

With all above features you can surely create a unique food recipe app and sell your personal recipes with a wider audience. In fact, food channels and networks are also developing their own food recipe app to tap the recipe and cooking industry.

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